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Hi! I’m Lincoln and I love good karma. I also love sales funnels. They turn online visitors into paying customers, and help you to grow your business faster.

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Two Key Principles For Sales Funnels Beginners

As an entrepreneur, the two key principles I have learnt and that are important for sales funnels beginners are:

  • To succeed in modern ecommerce, you have to START with a sales funnel mindset.
  • Today’s most successful entrepreneurs build all their business around sales funnels, and NOT around their ecommerce store.

Sharing Good FunnelKarma

Karma means action or doing. It also refers to the principle of cause and effect.

Good actions bring good karma and future happiness…what goes around good, comes around good.

FunnelKarma is all about good action, good results and, of course, helping you to learn more about good sales funnels.

I used to keep most of what I learnt about business to myself. Now, I find joy in sharing and helping others to grow successful businesses too.

In this way, I trust that FunnelKarma will help you to take action and start your sales funnel journey.

I trust too that your sales funnels will make your life better, and also bring you the financial success that you deserve!

Sales Funnels Beginners: Where To Start?

If you’re a completely new to sales funnels, or even if you only know a little and want to learn more, then I suggest you start with the following complete beginners guide:

Starter Guide: Sales Funnels For Beginners: The Ultimate EASY Guide (2022)

Need some great sales funnel examples to use as inspiration for your own funnels? Then, let me walk you through some of the best:

For sales funnel tools, training, and other helpful digital marketing resources I recommend you to use to launch and grow your online business, please visit my resources pages:

Lastly, if you would like to collaborate on anything, please reach out and get in touch.