Best Copywriting Frameworks And Formulas With Examples

7 Best Copywriting Frameworks and Formulas [Examples]

Let’s get real for a moment. You know those business wizards who seem to spin everything they touch into gold? Their blogs, their emails, ads, even their social media posts – they just work.

What’s their secret potion?

It’s not a sprinkle of luck or a dash of innate talent. It’s something far more attainable yet astoundingly potent… it’s copywriting frameworks.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Frameworks? Sounds boring.”. But, don’t roll your eyes just yet.

Once upon a time, I was just like you, struggling to make my words click with my audience. But then – Bam! – I stumbled upon these frameworks, and it was a game changer. It was like I had unlocked a secret language that made people sit up, listen, and act.

Now, I want to share these life-changing tools with you.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill techniques my friend. These copywriting frameworks are the secret weapons of the best… from solo freelancing heroes to marketing gurus at companies like Apple and Uber.

And guess what? They’re not as complex as you might think.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the 7 most powerful copywriting frameworks and formulas that have turned my world around. These aren’t just theories. They’re the blueprints of success, complete with real examples from brands that have nailed it.

We’re talking about the likes of Tesla, McDonald’s, Skechers, BMW, and more…

And the cherry on top? You’ll see them spring to life through sharp, engaging video examples. It’s a show-and-tell extravaganza!

Whether you’re running a blog, a business, or just trying to get your message out there, these copywriting frameworks and formulas are your golden ticket.

They turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. And these exclusive video examples? They’re not just lessons – they’re a masterclass.

Plus, here’s a little teaser… I’ll also show you how a touch of AI magic can supercharge your journey and help you to craft your own unique copywriting frameworks.

So, are you ready to shift from the best-kept secret to the talk of the town?

Dive into these frameworks and formulas and see how your words can do more than talk – they’ll sing to souls, open wallets, and capture hearts.

What Are Copywriting Frameworks?

Ever found yourself staring into the abyss of a blank screen, your mind racing but your fingers frozen?

Enter the knights in shining armor: Copywriting Frameworks – step-by-step blueprints for writing better, more effective copy and sales messages. Terms like the AIDA model, the PAS formula, FAB, the 4Ps and more…

Think of copywriting frameworks as your GPS in the world of words, guiding you through the maze of your reader’s mind.

They aren’t your run-of-the-mill templates. They are proven formulas with a strategic mix of psychology, art, and science – used specifically in the art of copywriting to drive action and sales.

Copywriting frameworks are the behind-the-scenes maestros, orchestrating your words into a symphony that dances its way into the hearts and wallets of your audience.

Whether it’s ads that stick like glue, landing pages that sing, or emails that feel like a heart-to-heart chat, copywriting frameworks are your golden ticket.

And yes, they’re sometimes called copywriting formulas, but let’s dive deeper into that rabbit hole next.

Note: If you’re completely new to copywriting and need more on the basics, make sure to read our easy starter guide:

Frameworks vs Formulas: Siblings or Twins?

Now, you might have come across the terms ‘copywriting frameworks’ and ‘copywriting formulas’ being used interchangeably. But is there a nuance?

Are they just two peas in a pod, or distinct flavors in the copywriting stew?

Here’s the difference:

Copywriting frameworks are like the skeleton of your copy – the sturdy bones holding everything together.

Copywriting formulas, on the other hand, are the muscles – the specific phrases and sequences that flex and move within that framework.

But, in the digital marketing hustle, they’re like siblings, different yet inseparable.

Mastering both?

Now, that’s a game changer – it’s about transforming your words into a magnetic force, pulling your audience closer, igniting their dreams, making an impact… whilst boosting your sales, and elevating you from the shadows to the spotlight.

It’s a win-win. For your readers, and your business… that’s great funnelkarma my friend.

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The Unsung Heroes: Why Copywriting Frameworks Matter

Why bother with copywriting frameworks and formulas?

Think of copywriting frameworks as the unsung heroes in your quest for marketing glory. They’re the stealthy sidekicks in your journey towards astronomical sales and click-magnet emails.

These frameworks aren’t just about throwing powerful words together – they’re about crafting messages with the precision of a master jeweler. Each word, each sentence, is a carefully placed gem designed to dazzle and allure.

The result?

The better you weave this spell, the easier it is to fill your sales funnel, the louder those cash registers ring. It’s like having a secret recipe that transforms your copywriting from mundane to mesmerizing.

How Copywriting Frameworks Work: The Art of Emotional Connection

Ever wondered why some words just hit different?

It’s all about the emotional alchemy, the secret sauce of copywriting frameworks. They’re not just structures. They’re psychological master keys, unlocking the vault of human emotion.

When you tap into what makes your audience’s heart beat faster, you’re not just writing… you’re orchestrating a journey of feelings.

And here’s what that means for you…

By harnessing the power of emotional triggers, you’re successfully getting inside your audience’s head. You’re understanding their deepest desires.  And, you’re gently nudging them towards that all-important action.

Whether that’s buying, signing up, or simply clicking ‘more’.

By mastering copywriting frameworks and formulas, you’re not just a writer… you’re a wizard, casting spells of persuasion.

Who Uses Copywriting Frameworks?

Ever marvel at how the big shots seem to effortlessly rake in sales and engagement? Their secret weapon?

You guessed it – copywriting frameworks and formulas.

These aren’t just tools for the elite. They’re the bread and butter of every successful marketer and entrepreneur.

They use these frameworks to weave compelling narratives, build irresistible sales pages, and craft emails that feel like a warm, personal conversation.

Copywriting isn’t just an art – it’s a finely tuned science, a blend of creativity and strategy.

And the best part? It’s a craft you can master, with the right frameworks as your guide, every step of the way.

Benefits of Copywriting Frameworks and Formulas: Unlocking a World of Advantages

Step into the world of copywriting frameworks and formulas, and you’ll unlock a chest of treasures. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits:

  1. Boosted Conversions and Sales: Leave the jargon in the dust. These frameworks are your path to clarity, persuasion, and stories that make your offerings impossible to resist.
  2. Time-Saving Wizardry: Say goodbye to endless research. Embrace these formulas, craft mesmerizing copy, and watch your productivity soar.
  3. Conquer Writer’s Block: Facing the void of writer’s block? Frameworks are your magic portal, guiding your every word.
  4. Craft Quality Content: Embrace a structured approach for content that captivates and converts.
  5. Confidence in Bloom: With tried-and-tested maps in hand, watch your confidence blossom, touching every heart with your words.
  6. Elevate Your Brand’s Voice: Consistency and copywriting best practices aren’t just about credibility; they’re about building a bond with your audience.
  7. Stand Out from the Crowd: In the battle to be noticed, these frameworks arm you with the finesse to outshine the competition.

Diving into copywriting frameworks and formulas isn’t just about improving your writing. It’s about transforming your entire approach to communication.

Each benefit builds upon the last, creating a domino effect that elevates your content, bolsters, your confidence, and amplifies your brand.

Keep watching as your journey towards online success takes a dramatic, successful turn.

Ready for the Deep Dive?

Now, strap in and sharpen your pencil my friend, because we’re about to dive deep. We’re moving beyond the why and into the how.

In the next section, we’re going to unravel the mysteries of the most effective copywriting frameworks and formulas that have rocked my world… and will change yours too!

Get ready for real-world examples that bring these concepts to life, showcasing exactly how you can use them to transform your copy from good to unforgettable.

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7 Best Copywriting Frameworks and Formulas: A Closer Look with Real-World Examples

Here we are, at the heart of our journey – a deep dive into the seven powerful copywriting frameworks and formulas.

These aren’t just the backbone of persuasive copy – they’re the secret spells behind the scenes.

And guess what?

We’re not just going to talk about them in theory. Oh no… we’re bringing them to life right before your eyes.

So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a front-row seat to a show like no other.

We’re going to dissect each copywriting framework, not just in words but in action. With real-world examples from giants like Apple, BMW, McDonald’s, Skechers, Uber, and more…

And – hold onto your seat – we’ve got actual exclusive video demonstrations that bring these concepts to vivid life.

Take a look at what’s on the menu:

  1. The AIDA Framework: The classic journey from Attention to Action.
  2. The PAS Framework: Identify the Problem, Agitate it, and offer a Solution.
  3. The BAB Framework: Painting a Before and After, bridging with your solution.
  4. The FAB Framework: Showcasing Features, Advantages, and Benefits.
  5. The 4Ps Framework: Problem, Promise, Proof, and Proposal in harmony.
  6. The ACCA Framework: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action – the full package.
  7. The QUEST Framework: A narrative from Qualify to Transition.

Each framework is a masterpiece, a unique recipe in the art of persuasion. And within each, a series of ingredients – formulas that transform words from mere text to compelling narratives that sell.

As we dissect these copywriting frameworks and formulas, you’ll witness a transformation. You’ll see how they evolve from mere theory into practical, powerful tools.

Tools that not only offer understanding but provide a clear pathway to weave these strategies into your own marketing magic.

Are you ready to peel back the curtain and see how these frameworks work in the real world?

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in. The masters of copywriting are about to reveal their secrets.

1. The AIDA Copywriting Framework: A Classic Blueprint for Conversion

Let’s journey to the very foundation of copywriting. Here lies AIDA, an age-old copywriting framework, robust as an oak, and as timeless as the art of persuasion itself.

Its beauty?

Simplicity paired with staggering effectiveness. It’s the go-to blueprint for anyone looking to stir the pot and catalyze action.

AIDA, in its essence, is a four-phase odyssey that captivates a reader. It’s an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Think of it as a sequential treasure map, leading the reader through an emotional and desire-driven journey, inching them ever closer to that moment of decisive action.

Unpacking the AIDA Copywriting Framework:

  • Attention: This is where you grab your prospect by the lapels. You need a headline that’s not just loud, but resonates. It’s your first impression, make it count.
  • Interest: Hook them next with the ‘why’. Why your offer is their missing puzzle piece. It’s about striking a chord, showing them the problem that you solve.
  • Desire: Now, fan the flames of desire. Highlight the benefits, paint a picture so alluring they can’t help but want what you’re offering. It’s about making them see a better future, thanks to your product.
  • Action: Finally, it’s time to seal the deal. A compelling call-to-action that leads them by the hand. It’s your “Click here to buy now!” moment. Make it irresistible.

Ideal Use Cases for AIDA

AIDA is like a Swiss Army knife – versatile, compact, yet powerful. Whether it’s a tight email or a sprawling sales page, the AIDA framework fits snugly, delivering your message with precision.

It’s especially potent in email marketing, where capturing attention is paramount right from the get-go.

A Glimpse into AIDA in Action

Let’s not just talk about AIDA… let’s see it in the wild with real examples. Look at how Skechers, Grammarly, and Xyzal masterfully wield this framework.

It’s not just about following a formula – it’s about blending creativity with structure to create something that not only grabs attention but keeps it, turning curiosity into action.

AIDA Copywriting Examples

AIDA Copywriting Framework Example #1

Slipping into Comfort: Amanda Kloots Teams Up with Skechers

Imagine a revolution in comfort, right under your feet. Enter Skechers with its Max Cushioning Hands Free Slip-Ins ad campaign, and Amanda Kloots leading the charge.

Can these shoes hold their own through a high-kick? You’re about to find out in this example. Hit play and watch Skechers master the AIDA framework with flair.

AIDA copywriting formula example from Skechers for its Max Cushioning Hands Free Slip-ins.

AIDA Copywriting Formula:

Awareness: “New Max Cushioning Skechers Slip-Ins are incredible. You just step in and go!”

Interest: “But do they stay on like regular sneakers? Let’s find out. Gotcha girl…”

Desire: “Yep, they’re high kick proof!”

Action: “Try new max cushioning Skecher Slip-ins.”

The Takeaway: A Story of Comfort and Play

In our first example, through the lens of the AIDA framework, Skechers and Amanda Kloots makes a compelling invite – turning a simple try-on into a playful adventure.

Skechers’ AIDA formula kicks off with a bang in the awareness stage, showcasing the ease of slipping into their Max Cushioning Slip-Ins. It then stirs interest with a lively challenge on the shoe’s snug fit during high-kicks.

The high-kick test isn’t just a demo – it’s a spectacle that stirs desire.

And then, the seamless call to action. It’s an effortless invitation to step into the world of comfort and play, just like Amanda Kloots. It’s about transforming the mundane act of putting on shoes into an experience of joy and ease.

Makes you want to give your feet the royal treatment, right?

AIDA Copywriting Framework Example #2

From Correct to Captivating: Grammarly’s Pitch

Picture this: You’re wrestling with grammar, trying to make your point, but the words just don’t sing.

Enter Grammarly and its How Compelling Is Your Writing commercial. In this AIDA example, it’s not just about right or wrong – it’s about turning your words into something that resonates.

Hit play and watch as Grammarly beautifully unfolds the AIDA framework, transforming the mundane into the truly captivating.

AIDA copywriting formula example from Grammarly – How Compelling Is Your Writing?

AIDA Copywriting Formula:

Awareness: “Good grammar and spelling are important. But if you want to write essays that inspire, messages that forge brighter connections, and emails that get the job done, you need to think about more than just grammar and spelling. [Example: This sentence is grammatically correct, but its wordy and hard to read. It undermines the writer’s message, and the word choice is bland.]”

Interest: “Grammarly’s cutting-edge technology helps you craft compelling, understandable writing that makes an impact on your reader… much better.”

Desire: “Grammarly works where you work – on your computer or your phone. Imagine what you could do with the secrets of the world’s best writers at your fingertips… anytime you need them.”

Action: “Are you ready to give it a try? Installation is simple and free. Visit today!”

The Takeaway: A Journey from Correct to Connection

With the help of the AIDA framework in this example, Grammarly moves beyond the basics turning grammar checking into a journey towards impactful communication.

At the awareness stage of its formula, Grammarly isn’t just talking about grammar – it’s talking about the impact of your words. It’s about taking the leap from technically correct to emotionally powerful.

Then comes the interest phase, where Grammarly shows off its tech prowess, promising to transform your writing from understandable to unforgettable. It’s about making your reader feel, not just understand.

As desire builds in the sequence, Grammarly paints a picture of having a world-class writer’s toolbox right at your fingertips, whether you’re on a computer or a phone.

It’s the promise of limitless potential, anytime, anywhere.

And finally, the action. An invitation to try Grammarly for free. It’s simple, risk-free – almost irresistible.

Grammarly succeeds in using this AIDA formula to show that it’s more than just correcting errors… it’s about elevating your words to forge real, meaningful connections.

Makes you think about the untapped power of your words, doesn’t it?

AIDA Copywriting Framework Example #3

A Night Owl’s Wisdom: Xyzal’s Nigel Before Bed Campaign

Step into the night with Nigel, the animated owl from Xyzal. This AIDA example isn’t your ordinary advertisement. It’s an enchanting bedtime story for allergy sufferers, woven through the AIDA framework.

In its Nigel Before Bed commercial, Nigel’s about to take you on a 15-second jaunt that’s as wise as it is whimsical.

Press play and watch how this sage owl makes the AIDA framework a night-time tale.

AIDA copywriting formula example from Xyzal’s Nigel Before Bed marketing campaign.

AIDA Copywriting Formula:

Awareness: “[Yawn] Allergy sufferers. Bedtime means it’s time to take Xyzal.”

Interest: “Xyzal relieves allergies while you sleep… so you wake refreshed.”

Desire: “And in the clinical study, after just one day ninety percent felt powerful 24-hour relief.”

Action: “So, be wise all… take Xyzal!”

The Takeaway: Wisdom in the Moonlight

The brilliance of Xyzal’s campaign lies in the nocturnal wisdom of Nigel, effortlessly sailing through the AIDA framework.

In this example, Nigel doesn’t just tell you about an allergy medication – he brings you into a nighttime world where relief is just a dream away.

He kicks off awareness with a sleepy yawn, catching the tired eyes of allergy sufferers.

Nigel then piques your interest with the promise of waking up refreshed, free from the grip of allergies.

Desire? Nigel stokes the fires with hard-hitting facts. Ninety percent relief in just one day? That’s not just a statistic… it’s a siren call to all those seeking a good night’s sleep.

And the action?

Nigel, with his witty charm, nudges you towards making Xyzal your nightly companion for a sneeze-free dawn. It’s more than just taking a pill – it’s about choosing a smarter way to combat allergies, night by night.

Xyzal’s ad isn’t just selling a product with its AIDA formula. It’s offering a transformation. A journey from restless nights to mornings of clarity, all thanks to the wisdom of a night owl.

Makes you rethink your nightly routine, right?

Now that you’ve grasped the enduring magic of AIDA with these examples, let’s glide into another proven framework. Up next is the PAS copywriting framework. This isn’t just any framework. It’s a unique tool that delves deep into your audience’s pain points, offering your solution as the hero they’ve been waiting for.

See how PAS can be a game changer in resonating with your audience’s core issues.

2. The PAS Copywriting Framework: The Art of Pinpoint, Poke, and Provide

Enter the world of the PAS copywriting framework, a gem in the persuasive writing cosmos.

Imagine a trusted friend who not only points out the problem but makes you feel it, then hands you the perfect solution. That’s the PAS framework for you.

PAS stands for Problem, Agitate, Solve. It’s a mini-drama in three acts, each crucial in guiding your audience to that ‘aha’ moment of solution.

Breaking Down the PAS Copywriting Framework:

Problem: Start by highlighting the problem that’s gnawing at your reader. Make it so relatable that they nod in agreement, feeling understood.

Agitate: Next, twist the knife a bit. Show them why this problem isn’t just a minor inconvenience but a persistent issue that needs addressing.

Solve: Finally, emerge as the hero with your product or service – offering the relief they’ve been seeking, and making life all hunky-dory again.

The beauty of the PAS copywriting framework lies not just in its simplicity but in its deep dive into human psychology. It follows the natural human thought process – identifying a problem, feeling its impact, and then seeking a solution. And who doesn’t love a good problem-solver, especially when the going gets tough?

Ideal Use Cases for PAS

PAS is your go-to copywriting framework for situations that call for empathy, understanding, and resolution.

It’s perfect for blog posts, landing pages, and even video scripts, where you have the space to flesh out the story, stir up the problem, and present your solution.

A Glimpse into PAS in Action

Discover how the titans like Apple and Tide have harnessed the power of the PAS framework to resonate with their audience’s dilemmas – and then seamlessly lead them to the solution.

PAS Copywriting Examples

PAS Copywriting Framework Example #1

Solving the Sensitive Skin Mystery: Tide’s Detective Story

In our first PAS example, step into a world where detective work meets daily life in a charming Tide commercial.

Meet little Jesse, a budding detective with a case that hits close to home – her sensitive skin. Tide spins this tale using the PAS framework in its For Detectives With Sensitive Skin ad. It’s a narrative that’s as engaging as it is enlightening.

Press play and join Jesse and her parents on their playful yet revealing investigative journey.

PAS copywriting formula example from Tide’s Pods Free & Gentle marketing campaign.

PAS Copywriting Formula:

Problem: “A mystery. Jesse loves playing detective. But since we found out she has sensitive skin we’ve been playing detective too.”

Agitate: “At first, we thought the problem was our puppy (… Look Watson a clue). Or something outside. But the culprit was… our old detergent. (… Aha!)”

Solve: “So, we switched to Tide Pods Free & Gentle. It cleans better and doesn’t leave behind irritating residues. And it has no dyes or perfumes so it’s gentle on her skin. (… Case closed). If it’s got to be clean… it’s got to be Tide Pods Free & Gentle.”

The Takeaway: A Whimsical Journey to Solution

In this example, Tide masterfully employs the PAS framework, turning a sensitive skin issue into an enchanting detective story.

The narrative begins with Jesse, whose love for detective work and solving ‘problems’ suddenly becomes more than just play. It mirrors her parents’ real quest to solve the mystery ‘problem’ of her skin irritation.

The tension builds as the usual suspects – the puppy, the outdoors – are investigated and ruled out.

The real culprit?

Their old detergent. Here, Tide skillfully agitates the problem, drawing the viewer deeper into the narrative.

And then, the solution: Tide Pods Free & Gentle. It’s not just a mere product switch – it’s a transition to a skin-friendly, itch-free world for Jesse.

Tide isn’t just selling detergent with its PAS formula. It’s a gentle nudge to viewers – facing similar issues – to switch lanes and choose Tide for a residue-free clean.

Makes you consider what’s left behind in your fabrics, doesn’t it?

PAS Copywriting Framework Example #2

Battery for Miles: A Tranquil Journey with iPhone 14 Plus

Ever found yourself on an endless road with only your phone for company?

Apple taps into this lone journey with a farmer, a tractor, and a massive pumpkin. The ad Battery for Miles from the Relax, It’s iPhone marketing campaign subtly navigates the PAS framework.

As Ludacris’ “Two Miles an Hour” echoes across the barren landscape, it showcases the iPhone 14 Plus as a reliable companion for the long haul.

Hit play and ride along in this PAS example. Watch as the farmer navigates the long, dusty trail with a promise to endure the lengthy ride ahead.

PAS copywriting formula example from Apple’s Relax,It’s iPhone marketing campaign.

PAS Copywriting Formula:

Problem: [Song] “Two miles an hour so everybody sees you… Two miles an hour so everybody sees you… [repeat, repeat, repeat]”

Agitate: [Siri voice] “For 102 miles, continue straight.”

Solve: “Our longest battery life. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Plus.”

The Takeaway: Endurance in Every Mile

Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus ad is a smooth ride through the PAS framework. In this example, it skillfully weaves a narrative of endurance and reliability.

The problem – an endless road and the fear of a dying battery – is subtly introduced with the farmer’s solitary journey, underscored by the lingering beats of Ludacris’ track.

The agitation is real when Siri calmly reminds you of the 102 miles ahead.

But here comes the solution – the iPhone 14 Plus is here to take the long ride with you, with battery life that sticks around.

Apple’s PAS formula is not just about a phone with its longest battery life. It’s about having a dependable buddy on those endless roads.

Makes you re-evaluate your current travel companion, doesn’t it?

Up next, we take the plunge into the BAB framework. Here, we navigate the shift from what is… to what could be – a journey of transformation. Brace yourself as we reveal how this framework turns the present into endless possibilities.

3. The BAB Copywriting Framework: Bridging Before to After Bliss

The BAB copywriting framework is all about crafting a narrative of transformation. It’s where you, the storyteller, paint a vivid before-and-after picture, with your product or service as the hero.

BAB stands for Before, After, Bridge.

Imagine your readers seeing themselves in the ‘Before’ scenario, yearning for the ‘After,’ and finding a beacon of hope in the ‘Bridge’ your solution provides.

The BAB framework is simple but mighty. It taps into the natural journey of decision-making – recognizing a problem, dreaming of a solution, and seeking a bridge that connects the two.

Breaking Down the BAB Copywriting Framework:

Before: Dive into the struggles of your prospect. Let them see their challenges mirrored in your words.

After: Illuminate the brighter future that awaits them with your solution. Sketch a scene of ease, triumph, or joy.

Bridge: Here’s where your product steps in, the bridge from their present hurdles to a hopeful future.

Ideal Use Cases for BAB

The BAB copywriting framework truly sparkles in campaigns where storytelling is king. It’s about spinning a tale that captures hearts, showing a clear journey from challenge to resolution.

BAB is a powerhouse in both visual and textual storytelling, reshaping how your audience sees and interacts with your brand.

A Glimpse into BAB in Action

All over the world, McDonald’s campaigns using the BAB framework are striking. Here’s a couple of classic examples – one with the visual charm of a billboard, another in a video rich with narrative.

In both cases, they masterfully guide viewers from a relatable problem to an engaging solution. It’s storytelling that not only captures attention but also connects on a deeper level.

BAB Copywriting Examples

BAB Copywriting Framework Example #1

Easing Traffic Blues: McDonald’s Traffic Busters Billboard

Imagine cruising through the UK’s bustling city roads when suddenly, traffic grinds to a halt. Frustration brews, right?

Now, amidst the sea of brake lights, a billboard catches your eye. It’s McDonald’s making light of the jam, nudging you towards a tasty detour.

McDonalds Traffic Busters BAB Copywriting Framework and Formula Example
McDonald’s Traffic Busters campaign with the BAB copywriting framework [Image: Grand Visual]

This simple but ingenious McDonald’s Traffic Busters campaign example from Grand Visual harnesses the BAB framework perfectly. It transforms your traffic-induced irritation into an opportunity for a pleasant break.

Let’s unpack this real-time ad that empathizes with your plight and offers a tasty solution.

BAB Copywriting Formula:

Before: Stuck in a jam?

After: There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Bridge: McDonald’s.

The Takeaway: Simplicity Meets Savvy

What makes this McDonald’s BAB formula a masterpiece is its simple yet clever approach.

In this example, McDonald’s perfectly captures the ‘Before’ moment – the universal annoyance of being stuck in traffic.

Then, with a touch of creativity, it shifts to the ‘After’ – hinting at a hopeful, tasty escape from the mundane traffic jam blues.

And the ‘Bridge’?

It’s the golden arches, a symbol of quick, comforting respite.

McDonald’s isn’t just offering a meal with the BAB framework. It’s presenting a break from the mundane, a little light amid the gloom of gridlock.

Makes you want to take that detour to satisfaction, doesn’t it?

BAB Copywriting Framework Example #2

Next Stop Satisfaction: McDonald’s On-Screen Encore

Get ready for a delightful twist on McDonald’s Traffic Busters theme. This sequel takes the BAB framework narrative from the billboard to the big screen with its Next Stop, McDonald’s commercial.

In this BAB copywriting example, it’s the same old traffic jam story, but with a McDonald’s spin that turns a typical delay into a moment of joyful anticipation.

Curious to see how they’ve done it this time?

Hit play and witness McDonald’s creative storytelling unfold in another fantastic display of the BAB copywirting framework.

BAB copywriting formula example from McDonald’s Next Stop, McDonald’s marketing campaign.

BAB Copywriting Formula:

Before: The ad sets the scene with a common annoyance – being stuck in traffic under the scorching sun, emphasized by a glaring red traffic light.

After: Suddenly, the mood lifts. Everyone’s faces light up with smiles as they anticipate the joy awaiting them up the road, underscored by the lively tune of “Oh Oh… Oh Oh… Oh Yeah! Oooohhhh Yeaaahhhhh!!!!”

Bridge: As the traffic light turns to green, the scene transitions with a simple query, “Fancy a McDonald’s?”

The Takeaway: A Masterclass in Anticipation

This McDonald’s ad is another masterclass in the BAB copywriting framework.

It starts with that all-too-familiar feeling of traffic frustration and then lifts you into a world of happiness, making you wonder what’s causing this sudden shift in mood.

The suspense builds until the big reveal… a green light and an inviting question that connects the dots – “Fancy a McDonald’s?”.

And the subtle yet brilliant touch?

Eyebrows dancing in rhythm, echoing the iconic golden arches, adding to the infectious anticipation.

In this BAB example, it’s not merely about satisfying hunger. It’s about McDonald’s using its BAB formula to transform a mundane traffic halt into a prelude to delight with a mere brow lift.

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t raise a brow for a Big Mac?

Coming up next, we have the FAB copywriting framework, which pivots from the emotional narrative to a more feature-centric approach. Get ready to learn how FAB highlights what makes your product stand out, in a manner that’s both precise and persuasive.

4. The FAB Copywriting Framework: Turning Features into Life-Changing Benefits

Enter the realm of the FAB copywriting framework, where features aren’t just bullet points – they’re the beginning of a story.

FAB stands for Features, Advantages, Benefits.

The FAB framework is about connecting the dots between what your product does (its features) and how it can revolutionarily change your customers’ lives.

It’s a narrative journey from the practical to the profound, from features to life-changing benefits.

Decoding the FAB Copywriting Framework:

  • Features: Start with the essence of your product. What’s it’s razzle-dazzle? What sets it apart? How does it stand out in a sea of alternatives?
  • Advantages: This is where you shift gears. Why do these features matter to your customer? Here, you elevate the conversation from ‘what it is’ to ‘why it’s essential.’
  • Benefits: And now, the climax. How will your product enrich your customer’s life? It’s about crafting a vision of the better, easier, or more joyful life that awaits them.

Ideal Use Cases for FAB

The FAB copywriting framework shines especially in ecommerce and affiliate marketing landscapes where the competition is fierce and the unique selling proposition (USP) is king.

FAB a swift, straightforward framework that helps crystallize the value proposition, making it a go-to for product listings, email marketing, and landing page copy.

A Glimpse into FAB in Action

Strap in as we embark on a riveting journey with Tesla and BMW, dissecting how these giants harness the FAB formula in their marketing tapestry.

Through two captivating video narratives, Tesla showcases its electric vehicles beyond just features – it paints a future of sustainable, empowered mobility.

BMW, on the other hand, spins a tale of humor, offering not just a car, but an unparalleled driving experience.

Let’s explore how the FAB framework is used in all three examples to not just to inform… but to inspire and engage.

FAB Copywriting Examples

FAB Copywriting Framework Example #1

Unveiling Ease: Tesla’s Home Charging Adventure

In our first FAB example, step into Tesla’s world, where it’s selling more than just cars – it’s offering a lifestyle. A lifestyle where charging your electric vehicle at home becomes as effortless as charging your smartphone.

In its Discover: Charging at Home commercial, Tesla doesn’t just inform, it invites. It weaves a story of convenience and simplicity, effortlessly integrating into your everyday life.

Ready for a glimpse of this seamless integration?

Hit play and explore the two instances of the FAB framework in action.

FAB copywriting formula example from Tesla’s Discover: Charging at Home marketing campaign.

FAB Copywriting Formula:

FAB Framework #1

Features: “Discover. Charging at Home.”

Advantages: “Plug in overnight.”

Benefits: “And wake up ready to go.”

FAB Framework #2

Features: “Use a wall outlet. Or install a Tesla Wall Connector for extra speed.”

Advantages: “Save time and money.”

Benefits: “And never visit a gas station again.”

The Takeaway: A Symphony of Convenience

In our first FAB copywriting example, Tesla’s narrative brilliantly employs the FAB Framework twice to illustrate not one, but two aspects of its home charging system.

First, it introduces the straightforward, yet transformative feature of overnight charging. Simple, elegant, and efficient – plug in at night, and by morning, you’re set for the day. No hassle, just readiness.

Next, it highlights the added convenience of the Tesla Wall Connector. Faster charging, saving both time and money.

The real triumph?

Bidding farewell to those time-consuming gas station visits.

Tesla isn’t just selling a charging solution with its two FAB formulas – it’s offering a gateway to an uncomplicated, eco-friendly lifestyle.

It’s not just a product – it’s an upgrade to your daily routine. Intriguing, right?

FAB Copywriting Framework Example #2:

Unbound Travel: Tesla’s Invitation to Road-Ready Charging

Imagine a journey where the road feels limitless, and your car, an extension of freedom. That’s the essence of Tesla’s Discover: Charging on the Road campaign – another impressive dive into the FAB copywriting framework.

Coming off the heels of its home charging FAB example, Tesla now extends an invitation to experience boundless travel, supported by its extensive Supercharger network.

Eager to see how effortlessly you can transition from driveway to highway?

Hit play and witness the ease of Tesla’s on-road charging experience with another two instances of the FAB framework in action.

FAB copywriting formula example from Tesla’s Discover: Charging on the Road marketing campaign.

FAB Copywriting Formula:

FAB Framework #1

Features: “Discover. Charging on the Road. With access to tens of thousands of Superchargers.”

Advantages: “Just enter a destination. Automatically route to Superchargers along the way.”

Benefits: “Enjoy nearby amenities or just relax.”

FAB Framework #2

Features: “View and control your charge from the Tesla app.”

Advantages: “And get notified when ready to continue your trip.”

Benefits: “Enjoy the freedom of local and long-distance travel. With the largest charging network in the world.”

The Takeaway: Redefining Road Trips

Similar to our first FAB example, Tesla’s Discover: Charging on the Road video lays it out with the FAB copywriting framework, not once but twice over.

The first round showcases the ease of road-tripping with Tesla, thanks to its Supercharger network. Enter your destination and the route’s laid out with charging stops along the way. Simple, right?

Now, onto round two. The Tesla app – a digital companion that keeps you informed on the charge and lets you know when it’s time to hit the road again.

The real magic?

The blend of features, advantages, and benefits paints a picture of a journey transformed – easy, enjoyable, and utterly seamless.

With Tesla’s FAB formula, it’s more than just a car journey. It’s an invitation to an easier, more enjoyable road-tripping adventure.

Sounds like Tesla is redefining what road travel could be, doesn’t it?

FAB Copywriting Framework Example #3

Mastering the Wheel: BMW’s Steering Revolution

Dive into the world of BMW, where its whimsical ad BMW Steering. Making Every Driver A Better Driver perfectly encapsulates the FAB copywriting framework.

Picture this: a young driver, fresh off a shaky driving test, suddenly morphs into a drifting prodigy in a parking lot.


All thanks to the magic of BMW 4 Series’ steering.

This FAB example isn’t just funny and relatable – it leaves a lasting impression. Ready to see the barely-passed novice driver transforms into a parking lot hero?

Hit play and witness the transformation…

FAB copywriting formula example from BMW Steering – Making Every Driver A Better Driver.

FAB Copywriting Formula:

Features: “BMW Steering”

Advantages: “Making every driver… a better driver.”

Benefits: “Sheer Driving Pleasure”

The Takeaway: A Symphony of Steering

In the final act of this BMW ad, the FAB copywriting framework boldly takes the stage, masterfully capturing the journey and leaving a profound imprint.

The feature, ‘BMW Steering’, is the silent hero turning a novice into a spontaneous drift enthusiast, illustrating the advantage – ‘Making every driver a better driver’.

The benefit, ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’, is the joyful exhilaration on the young driver’s face, a narrative reward after the comedy of errors.

In this example, BMW uses its FAB copywriting formula to show that it’s not about reckless drifting. It’s about the BMW steering transforming driving into a joy, whether you’re cautiously navigating city streets or unleashing your inner racer on an open road.

Imagine the blend of confidence and thrill awaiting you with BMW’s steering – enticing, right?

Having explored the tangible, feature-focused world of FAB, it’s time to delve into the psychological depths of copywriting.

Next up is the 4Ps copywriting framework, a shift from the concrete to the cognitive, opening new avenues in the art of persuasive writing.

Get ready to explore how the 4Ps dives deeper into the minds and hearts of your audience.

5. The 4Ps Copywriting Framework: A Testament to Trust

Think of the 4Ps copywriting framework as a masterful storyteller, one that spins tales not just to captivate but to connect with reality.

For decades, the 4Ps framework has been a linchpin for marketers and copywriters, and here’s the essence of its enduring appeal.

The 4Ps stands for Problem, Promise, Proof, and Proposal.

Imagine it as a reassuring chat with a wise friend who not only understands your woes but also offers concrete, proven solutions, backed by evidence that speaks volumes.

Unpacking the 4Ps Copywriting Framework:

  • Problem: It starts with identifying the thorn in your audience’s side, whatever keeps them tossing and turning at night. This isn’t about merely recognizing the dark clouds; it’s about understanding the storm’s intensity — every drop of rain, every gust of wind, every clap of thunder.
  • Promise: Here’s where you wave a ray of hope. You’re not just offering a solution; you’re painting a picture of a brighter future – a cloudless sky – but keep it real. No overblown promises, just a sincere pledge of better days.
  • Proof: Now, back up that promise with solid proof. Testimonials, case studies, before-and-after transformations – they all come into play, showcasing real stories of people who’ve emerged from the storm into sunlight, all thanks to your solution.
  • Proposal: Lastly, you lay out a clear, inviting proposal. What steps should they take to move from stormy weather to clear skies? Make it as easy as a warm cup of cocoa on a rainy day.

The 4Ps framework shines bright when there’s a wealth of social proof at hand. It’s about showcasing your product as the tried-and-true shelter from the storm.

Ideal Use Cases for the 4Ps

The 4Ps copywriting framework isn’t just about selling. It’s about forging trust and showcasing your brand as the reliable problem-solver. It’s most effective when you have a robust collection of social proof to back your promises.

Using the 4Ps is akin to having a chorus of satisfied customers singing your praises as you propose a solution to your prospect’s problems.

Whether it’s launching a new product or bolstering the credibility of existing offerings, the 4Ps framework is your go-to.

A Glimpse into the 4Ps in Action

Let’s look at two 4Ps copywriting examples – one from AbbVie’s Skyrizi, and the other from

Skyrizi’s narrative of healing, supported by authentic testimonials, is a textbook example of the 4Ps framework in action.

Similarly, leverages customer stories to underscore its dependable service, offering a clear, hassle-free path for its customers. These aren’t just campaigns… they’re journeys of trust and transformation, guided by the 4Ps framework.

4Ps Copywriting Examples

4Ps Copywriting Framework Example #1

AbbVie’s Ride into Radiance: Skyrizi’s Promise of Clearer Skin

Dive into the world of Skyrizi, AbbVie’s heartfelt answer to the challenges of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Its Ready To Bare My Skin advert is not just a showcase of a product – it’s a journey from concealment to confidence, wrapped in the 4Ps copywriting framework.

Imagine peeling off layers of insecurity and stepping into the sun, skin unburdened and spirit uplifted.

Ready to witness this transformation in our first 4Ps example? Hit play and join a story of liberation and newfound freedom with Skyrizi.

4Ps copywriting formula example from Abbvie Skyrizi’s Nothing Is Everything marketing campaign. [Video Credit: Commercial Archivist]

4Ps Copywriting Formula:

Problem: “Somedays, I cover up because of my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.”

Promise: “Now I feel free to bare my skin, thanks to Skyrizi. [Song – Nothing is everything]. I’m celebrating my clearer skin… my way.”

Proof: “With Skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. In another study, most people had 90% clearer skin, even at 5 years. And Skyrizi is just 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. [FDA Disclosures] Thanks to clearer skin with Skyrizi… this is my moment. There’s nothing on my skin. And that means everything.”

Proposal (CTA): “Now’s the time. Ask your doctor about Skyrizi, the #1 dermatologist-prescribed biologic in psoriasis. Learn how AbbVie could help you save.”

The Takeaway: A Story of Transformation

Skyrizi’s ad beautifully interweaves the 4Ps copywriting framework into a narrative that touches the heart.

This 4Ps example starts with the struggle, the problem – the need to cover up because of plaque psoriasis. Then comes the promise of freedom, a tune of liberation that resonates with ‘Nothing is Everything’.

As we see joyful faces reveling in outdoor activities, the proof unfurls.

Those statistics aren’t just numbers. They represent hope. The prospect of enjoying the sun, the games, and the gatherings without the shroud of psoriasis.

Then the proposal nudges gently – maybe it’s time for a chat with the doc? Especially when the path to clearer skin and unbounded joy is laid out so invitingly.

This Skyrizi ad weaves its 4Ps copywriting formula seamlessly, making one ponder on the liberating journey from covered skin to an open-air celebration.

And isn’t that a narrative worth considering?

4Ps Copywriting Framework Example #2

Denise’s Dinner Delight: A 4Ps Showcase by

When Denise’s cooker throws in the towel right before a girls’ night dinner, panic is the first guest to arrive. It’s a race against time…

And the local appliance stores? Closed. But a friend suggests and Denise decides to give it a shot.

What follows is a display of’s seamless service illustrated through the 4Ps copywriting framework.

This TV ad titled Denise’s Full Story – Join A Million Happy Customers not only navigates through a common household crisis, but underlines the ease and reliability of turning to for solutions.

Ready to see how Denise’s evening takes a turn for the better in this 4Ps example? Press play and journey with Denise from distress to dinner delight.

4Ps copywriting formula example from’s Join a Million Happy Customers marketing campaign.

4Ps Copywriting Formula:

Problem: “I was planning a dinner party for the girls when my cooker broke down. I don’t have time to go shopping for a new cooker. My friend told me about so I gave them a call and they had exactly what I needed.”

Promise: “A new cooker… Sure thing Denise. They gave me a great price and they could deliver the next day.”

Proof: “One new cooker for Denise. They even gave me a courtesy call 30 minutes before they delivered. I found the perfect cooker for me. They delivered it just in time and installed it straight away. My dinner party was saved.”

Proposal (CTA): “Join a million happy customers at”

The Takeaway: From Panic to Party with’s ad captures a slice of life, transforming Denise’s kitchen crisis into a victory dance. It’s a masterful play of the 4Ps copywriting framework.

The example begins with a common nightmare – a last-minute appliance meltdown. Then, in swoops with a promise of swift, hassle-free delivery. But it doesn’t stop there.

The proof is in the pudding, literally, as Denise’s party goes off without a hitch, all thanks to’s reliable service.

And the call to action?

It’s an open invitation to join a community of satisfied customers, a pledge of problem-solving and peace of mind in one. doesn’t just sell an appliance with its 4Ps copywriting formula – it sells a story of reliability and rescue, a narrative we can all relate to.

In a world where convenience reigns supreme, wears the crown with grace. Wouldn’t this ad prompt you to visit the site the next time your appliance acts up?

As we wrap up Denise’s story of seamless solutions, let’s shift our gaze to another copywriting framework. Up next is the ACCA framework, a splendid mechanism to not just capture attention, but to sustain it till the very end.

Hold onto your seat again, my fellow go-getter – we’re diving deeper into the copywriting realm!

6. The ACCA Copywriting Framework: A Guided Journey from Awareness to Action

The ACCA copywriting framework is like that whisper in a bustling market that somehow slices through the noise, catches your ear, and draws you towards a conversation that feels meant for you.

It’s a cherished companion in the vast world of copywriting, known for its ability to craft messages that are not just heard, but felt.

ACCA stands for Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, and Action.

Think of the ACCA framework as a journey with a trusted friend. One who walks you through a fog of unawareness, helps you see the landscape clearly, instills a belief in the path forward, and then nudges you to take that leap of faith.

Breaking Down the ACCA Copywriting Framework:

  • Awareness: This is where the story begins. You grab your reader’s attention, spotlighting an issue that demands their gaze.
  • Comprehension: Next, you clear the fog, explaining how your offer soothes their pain or catapults them towards their goals. You’re painting a picture of the world as it could be.
  • Conviction: Now, it’s time for the soulful talk. You share stories that resonate, building a bridge of trust and turning skepticism into belief.
  • Action: And finally, the leap. You lay out the path, making it irresistibly simple for them to take the desired action.

Ideal Use Cases for ACCA

The ACCA copywriting framework is like a lighthouse in scenarios where understanding is key. It’s perfect for enlightening your audience, especially when introducing new products or concepts.

ACCA doesn’t just speak but guides, making it ideal for in-depth sales pages, email sequences, or launch campaigns.

A Glimpse into ACCA in Action

Now, let’s observe the ACCA copywriting framework in full swing with Fisker, a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry.

In their captivating video narrative, Fisker goes beyond showcasing an electric SUV – they immerse you in a story of innovation and environmental stewardship.

From creating awareness about sustainable, emotional vehicle design to urging action towards a cleaner future, Fisker exemplifies the profound impact of the ACCA framework in our next example.

ACCA Copywriting Examples

ACCA Copywriting Framework Example

Emotion in Motion: Fisker Ocean’s Sustainable Revolution

Dive into the world of Fisker Ocean, an SUV that’s more than just a vehicle – it’s a harbinger of change.

In their captivating video Fisker Ocean: Creating the World’s Most Emotional and Sustainable All-Electric SUV, Fisker doesn’t just offer a car – they invite you into a movement.

This brilliant ACCA copywriting example is a conversation with your heart about the future of the planet. Watch as Fisker beautifully uses the ACCA framework to speak to your soul… inviting you to be part of something bigger.

Press play and feel the emotional pull of Fisker’s sustainable future.

ACCA copywriting formula example from Fisker’s Fisker Ocean marketing campaign.

ACCA Copywriting Formula:

  • Awareness: “When we challenged ourselves to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicle, we had to think differently. We had to innovate. We had to push the boundaries to not just create a car… but a movement.”
  • Comprehension: “We use less. We use better. And we use again. We design our interiors with eco-friendly plant-based materials. It’s unparalleled luxury, comfort, and durability. Our responsibility to the planet thrives in the Fisker Ocean. Every detail, from the smallest stitch to the aluminum and steel in the body, was thoughtfully crafted in a carbon-neutral facility.”
  • Conviction: “The Fisker Ocean not only looks good… but it feels good to help the planet. It’s about accomplishing something bigger than itself. A clean future – for all. And with the lowest carbon footprint of any electric SUV in production, our North Star is well within reach. At Fisker, we believe that how it’s made matters. And that’s why we created the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicle.”
  • Action: [Onscreen text] – A Clean Future for All. Fisker.

The Takeaway: A Resonating Whisper of Change

In this powerful example, Fisker harnesses the ACCA copywriting framework to not only showcase a vehicle, but to evoke deep feelings and a call to action for a sustainable future.

This commercial stands out in its ability to create a ‘whisper’ in the chaos – a whisper that resonates with those who yearn to make a difference.

In the Awareness phase of its ACCA formula, Fisker doesn’t just introduce a car – they present a movement, challenging the status quo of automotive design. They pique your curiosity by framing the Fisker Ocean as an emotional and sustainable marvel, setting the stage for deeper engagement.

Moving to Comprehension, Fisker delves into the specifics of their sustainable approach, from the use of eco-friendly materials to the meticulous crafting process.

They paint a vivid picture of the vehicle, emphasizing its luxury, comfort, and environmental responsibility, helping you understand the unique value proposition of the Fisker Ocean.

The Conviction stage is where Fisker truly connects with the audience’s emotions and values.

They weave a narrative of making a positive impact on the planet, highlighting the Ocean’s low carbon footprint and its contribution to a clean future. This builds a sense of pride and aligns the product with the audience’s personal ideals and values.

Finally, in the Action phase of its ACCA copywriting formula, Fisker subtly but effectively nudges you towards embracing a sustainable future, symbolized by the Fisker Ocean.

The call for a ‘Clean Future for All’ is a compelling invitation to join a movement that transcends the product itself, urging you to participate in shaping a better world.

Fisker’s ACCA copywriting framework example doesn’t just captivate – it creates an emotional resonance. It’s way more than a message about a car. It’s a profound narrative about impacting the world positively.

Fisker doesn’t just sell an electric SUV. It invites you into a story of transformation – where buying a car is a step towards a better, cleaner world.

It’s a compelling example of how ACCA can be used to create a message that’s not only heard but deeply felt.

Every choice tells a story – what will yours say about the future?

As we wave goodbye to the visionary world of Fisker and ACCA, let’s step into another copywriting framework that’s all about asking the right questions.

Up next, we explore the QUEST framework, a technique that delves deep into curiosity, sparking revelations and prompting action. Stay with me as we unlock the secrets of QUEST and its power to engage and convert.

7. The QUEST Copywriting Framework: The Storytelling Compass

In the world of copywriting, the QUEST copywriting framework isn’t just a structure, it’s a journey.

Think of QUEST as your compass guide through the dense forest of reader engagement. It’s like a wise sage leading you and your audience through a path of discovery and conversion.

This isn’t about just dumping information – it’s about exploring together.

The acronym QUEST stands for Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate, and Transition.

Each step a milestone that resonates with the reader’s needs and desires, guiding them towards the treasure that is your offer.

Decoding the QUEST Copywriting Framework:

  • Qualify: It’s your opening line, the moment you identify if your reader is the right fellow traveler for this journey. Here, you ensure that your story lands in the ears of those who will cherish it the most.
  • Understand: Next, step into your reader’s shoes. It’s about empathy, understanding their struggles and desires, setting the stage for a tale that they feel is their own.
  • Educate: Now, light the way. Show them how your offering is the guiding light, the beacon in their quest for solutions.
  • Stimulate: Here’s where the real magic happens. Ignite their imagination, paint a picture so vivid they can’t help but yearn for the transformation you’re offering.
  • Transition: And finally, draw the map that leads them to the treasure – your offer. This is where the path to action becomes clear, inviting, and irresistible.

Ideal Use Cases for QUEST

The QUEST copywriting framework shines bright when there’s a tale to narrate that leads to a clear action. It’s ideal for scenarios where qualification is key and understanding the prospect’s pain points is crucial.

Be it a product launch, an email campaign, or a landing page, QUEST is your compass to navigate the narrative towards conversion, ensuring every word resonates and guides.

A Glimpse into QUEST in Action

Dive into the QUEST copywriting framework with examples from Uber and Kizik, where storytelling meets precise qualification.

First, witness Uber’s humorous pursuit to align with daily commuting woes. And then, see Kizik’s endeavor to redefine ease in footwear.

Each of these fine QUEST copywriting examples narrate a tale that not just educates but entices action.

QUEST Copywriting Examples

QUEST Copywriting Framework Example #1

A Smooth Ride to Preparedness: Uber’s Salute to ‘Airport Dads’

Meet the ‘Airport Dad’ – the family’s unsung hero of travel logistics, masterfully portrayed in Uber’s Uber Reserve – Airport Dad campaign.

This QUEST copywriting example isn’t just another ad. It’s a rhythmic tribute to those who make meticulous planning an art form. Set to the beats of Dr. Dre, Uber transforms an everyday role into a character we all recognize.

Ready for a glimpse into how Uber expertly weaves the QUEST framework into this relatable story?

Hit play and embark on this journey of precision and preparedness.

QUEST copywriting formula example from Uber’s Uber Reserve – Airport Dad marketing campaign.

QUEST Copywriting Formula:

Qualify: “We see you airport dad.”

Understand: “Protector of passports. Reserver of Uber rides… months in advance. Last time you missed a flight… never. You’re the reason your family made it here… just in time to be 5 hours early.”

Educate: “To all the airport dads, now you can reserve your Uber ride up to 90 days in advance”

Stimulate: [On screen] “Reserve now. Reserve your Uber ride. Reserve up to 90 days in advance.

Transition (CTA): [On screen at bottom] “See app for details”

The Takeaway: Crafting a Resonant Story

Uber’s ad is a masterclass in aligning with a specific audience segment and offering a solution that feels tailor-made. The QUEST copywriting framework unfolds seamlessly in this example.

Qualifying the meticulous ‘Airport Dad’ – understanding his knack for pre-planning – educating on the new reservation feature – stimulating interest with on-screen prompts – and transitioning to a call to action.

It’s engaging, relatable, and straight to the point. The clear message?

Your knack for planning is now complemented with the Uber Reserve feature.

And set to Dr. Dre’s compelling beats, this isn’t just another ad… it’s an anthem for the planners, the punctual, the perfectionists.

Uber doesn’t just offer a service using its QUEST copywriting formula – it offers a lifestyle upgrade. It’s a celebration of those who make sure life runs like clockwork.

And in this world, for those who celebrate the art of perfect timing, who wouldn’t want to be an ‘Airport Dad’?

QUEST Copywriting Framework Example #2

Ease of Entry: Kizik’s Solution to the Morning Rush

Every parent knows the morning rush all too well. The clock ticking, teenagers scrambling, and the inevitable crushed heels of sneakers in the frantic dash.

Kizik zooms in on this all-too-familiar scenario with their Kizik Hands-Free Shoes = No More Crushed Heels! ad. In this example, it cleverly using the QUEST copywriting framework to address a common daily struggle.

Eager to see how Kizik promises to ease your morning routine? Hit play and discover a world where shoes are a blessing, not a burden.

QUEST copywriting formula example from Kizik’s Hands-Free Shoes = No More Crushed Heels! marketing campaign.

QUEST Copywriting Formula:

Qualify: “Why do all of our teenagers’ shoes look like this… the week after we buy them?”

Understand: “Because they jam into them like this [Not Kiziks]… instead of sliding into hands-free Kiziks.”

Educate: “Kiziks are the teen-proof shoe because the heel is designed to be stepped on.”

Stimulate: “Thanks to Kizik, now you can get mad at your teens for ruining everything else… like the internet.”

Transition (CTA): “Get Kiziks. The teen-proof that’s easy to slip on and tough to crush.”

The Takeaway: Kizik’s Masterful Morning Makeover

In this QUEST copywriting example, Kizik’s ad brilliantly captures the essence of simplicity and practicality through the lens of the QUEST framework. It’s an homage to the daily battles parents face, especially in those morning moments of madness.

Its QUEST formula pinpoints the problem, then unfurls a solution as simple as slipping on a shoe.

The ‘qualify’ and ‘understand’ stages? They get parents nodding in agreement with the problem on display.

Then ‘educate’ and ‘stimulate’ slide in, showcasing the solution. Suddenly, viewers are eyeing a pair of Kiziks for their teenagers.

The ad hits home by addressing the daily footwear frustrations spot on. Not overtly humorous, but oh-so relatable.

The ‘transition’ to the call to action? Subtle, yet effective. It nudges the viewer to check out the ease Kizik brings to the table.

Kizik’s ad doesn’t just sell a product with its QUEST copywriting formula – it resonates with a shared experience, making it compelling and memorable.

It’s an ad that not only catches your eye but also holds your attention, guiding you through each step of the QUEST framework with relatable storytelling.

And, in a fast-paced world, who wouldn’t appreciate the promise of a smoother, less chaotic morning offered by a pair of Kiziks?

As we wrap up our expedition through the QUEST, we stand at the brink of actionable knowledge. Each framework we explored is a gem in the vast treasure trove of copywriting. And each example is a testament to its emotional and commercial power.

But remember, the magic lies in how you wield these copywriting frameworks to craft narratives that resonate, engage, and convert.

Ready to embark on your own journey of crafting captivating copy that not only tells but sells?

Your journey has just begun…

How to Craft Your Own Copywriting Frameworks with a Little Help From AI

So, you’ve immersed yourself in the art of persuasive writing through the eyes of seven golden copywriting frameworks. You’ve felt the rhythms of words as they dance to the tunes of AIDA, PAS, BAB, FAB, 4P’s, ACCA, and QUEST.

The journey was enlightening, the lessons, invaluable. But as the curtain falls on these classic frameworks, a new horizon beckons.

It’s your turn to craft a narrative, to shape a copywriting framework that’s distinctly yours. The big question looms – where do you start?

Fear not my friend, for in this digital age, you’re not going it alone.

AI technology is here to lend a hand, helping you create content that truly reflects your brand’s heart and soul.

At FunnelKarma, we’re all about making the complex simple, bridging the gap to straightforward, effective copywriting.

So, to help you get started, let me introduce you to three of the best AI copywriting tools I’ve encountered. These aren’t just tools – they’re your partners in the journey to perfecting your copywriting framework.

Each of these AI solutions brings something unique to the table, promising to be a faithful ally as you navigate the art of crafting compelling copy.

From my experience, these tools can be invaluable assets, simplifying the process and enhancing your creativity.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these AI comrades can offer you on your quest for the ultimate copywriting framework.


Have you ever dreamt of having a genie for your copywriting endeavors? I know I have. So shhh… don’t tell everyone, but I’ve found that genie… it’s is a goldmine. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into copywriting waters or you’re a seasoned pro navigating the seas of marketing.

This platform isn’t just about all seven copywriting frameworks we’ve journeyed through (yes, it has them all) – it’s a treasure chest brimming with over 70 additional tools.

In my experience, is one of the top-tier AI copywriting tools out there. Its approach is sleek and user-friendly.

Just input your brand name, a dash of description, and the tone you’re aiming for, and – Poof! – watch as the genie crafts a copywriting framework and formula that fits your narrative like a glove.

Need more convincing? Over 10 million professionals trust, including heavyweights like Salesforce, Nestle, eBay, and Zoom. This AI writing tool has a knack for aligning seamlessly with your unique brand voice, ensuring your message hits home with your audience every time.

The real game changer is’s integration of ChatGPT 4 in its Chat by feature.

It transforms the content creation process, making it more intuitive and time-efficient by cutting down on endless prompt tweaking. This means you get high-quality framework and formula content without the extra hassle.

And let’s not forget about’s Supercharge feature.

It’s akin to a wizard that delves into your website, captures the essence of your brand, and crafts copywriting frameworks and formulas that resonate, all with just a few clicks.

It’s like watching magic unfold, resulting in copy that’s nothing short of perfection.

From my perspective, is a standout choice for anyone looking for a harmonious blend of simplicity and precision in their copywriting framework journey.

2. Writesonic

Imagine a bridge connecting the art of copywriting frameworks and formulas with the wider world of digital writing. That bridge is Writesonic, a platform that I’ve found to be incredibly robust and versatile too.

Whether you’re a blogger starting out, a growing agency, or an established enterprise, Writesonic seems to have something for everyone.

It’s a copywriting tool that resonates with the solo entrepreneur just as powerfully as it does with large-scale businesses, infusing their words with AI-driven insight and creativity.

Writesonic doesn’t just stop at excelling in three key frameworks – AIDA, PAS, and FAB. It goes a step further, offering an arsenal of over 80 AI writing tools.

Its secret sauce? Writesonic is trained on the high-performing copy from top-tier brands that know how copywriting formulas work.

In my experience, whether it’s about creating snappy ads or nailing those ecommerce descriptions, Writesonic stands out as a valuable asset.

And it’s not just my take – with over 5 million users, including giants like Amazon, L’Oréal, and Mercedes-Benz, Writesonic has proven its mettle in a wide array of writing scenarios.

It’s a testament to its ability to cater to a diverse range of digital writing needs, from individual content creators to large-scale business operations.

3. ClosersCopy

Fancy stepping into an archive of copywriting framework and formula blueprints that could rival an Indiana Jones adventure?

With ClosersCopy, it’s possible.

I’ve found this AI copywriting tool opens up a treasure trove for library enthusiasts and data lovers, offering over 700 frameworks. Yes, you read that right, 700+!

It’s like commanding a vast, ancient library, but digital… and dust-free.

ClosersCopy distinguishes itself with its sheer variety of copywriting formulas. Whether you’re a creative soul or a data-driven professional, it caters to a broad spectrum of copywriting framework and formula needs.

What I’ve found particularly compelling is its unique approach to personalization and flexibility.

Unlike and Writesonic, ClosersCopy doesn’t just stop at offering pre-built frameworks, including all seven we discussed in this guide. It goes a step further, giving you the reins to custom design and refine your own.

And another perk – with ClosersCopy, you have the freedom to train the AI using your own data. This feature is a game changer for anyone aspiring to craft a copywriting frameworks and formulas that aren’t just effective but deeply personal and unique.

While ClosersCopy might not have the broad enterprise appeal of or Writesonic, its Superpower Squad Plan is a dream solution for small teams and agencies, accommodating up to five members.

ClosersCopy is not just about creating copywriting frameworks and formulas – it’s about crafting bespoke solutions in a digital realm where generic often reigns supreme.

If you value total customization in your copywriting framework journey, I recommend ClosersCopy as a great choice.

Its ability to blend vast options with personalization makes it a go-to tool for crafting unique narratives in a world of increasing digital noise.

Choosing Your AI Copywriting Partner: Your Key to Crafting Captivating Messages

Choosing the right AI copywriting tool is an integral step on your journey to crafting captivation frameworks and formulas.

It’s not just about finding a tool. It’s about discovering a partner that elevates your message and resonates deeply with your audience.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer in the business world or leading a team to conquer the digital space, there’s an AI companion tailored to your unique voice.

These tools aren’t just smart. They’re a slice of your own entrepreneurial spirit, ready to propel you to the impact and success you’re gunning for.

Never forget – it’s your vision, your brand, and your legacy.

As you step into the realms of AI-assisted copywriting, let your personality shine through the frameworks and formulas you craft.

Your readers are ready to embark on this new journey with you. The question is…

Are you ready to lead the way?

Concluding Our Journey: From Words to Wins with Masterful Copywriting Frameworks

Stepping into the realm of online sales can feel like venturing into a dense, uncharted jungle. The fear of obscurity… the dread of silence in response to your offers… it’s a daunting challenge.

But remember, those masterful copywriting frameworks and formulas we’ve journeyed through?

They’re your map, guiding you through the thickets.

And I’m confident, if you master these examples of copywriting gold, they’ll change your world as much as they’ve changed mine.

Think about the giants like Uber, Skechers, and Tesla. Their success wasn’t a fluke – it was meticulously crafted, word by word, using these same frameworks and formulas.

And now, with these very tools at your fingertips, your path is clear…

You now have a copywriting master key, my friend. Tried-and-true blueprints that unlock not just words, but worlds of connections, emotions, and actions.

Whether you’re a one-person show, a content creator, a marketing maven, or a small business warrior, these frameworks and formulas are your secret weapon. They’re about making your voice not just heard but felt and followed.

Can you feel that thrill?

The thrill of watching your numbers soar, your dreams materialize. It’s not a distant dream anymore.

And hey, with the best AI copywriting tools at your service, you’re not just writing – you’re architecting your success.

As you stand at the threshold of this transformative adventure, remember, the true charm of copywriting frameworks is their chameleon-like nature. They adapt, they fit, they mold to your unique voice and vision.

So, what’s your next move? How will you wield these copywriting frameworks to not only capture attention but to capture hearts?

The stage is yours, the formulas unveiled, and a universe of potential awaits.

It’s time to do more than just write – it’s time to leave your mark. Your audience is tuned in, and the keys to a thriving online business are yours for the taking.

Dive into the world of copywriting frameworks, and watch as you redefine your path to digital triumph.

The horizon is brimming with unlimited potential, ready for you to seize.

Let your words not just speak, but echo into resounding success.

Happy copywriting my friend!

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