How To Write Content For A Sales Funnel

How To Write Content For A Sales Funnel

To get more business online you need to know how to write content for a sales funnel. With better content, that helps and engages your target audience, you will get more leads, sales AND grow your business too!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a B2B company, to succeed in any form of ecommerce today, you absolutely need to have two things.

Firstly, you need to have a sales funnel mindset.

And, secondly, you need to have a sales funnel content marketing strategy.

But, don’t panic, if you’re a beginner or not sure of how a sales funnel works. These terms may sound a little overwhelming.

In reality, they’re not. In fact, they are quite easy to understand.

Think And Write Content Like A Marketer

In short, to succeed online, you have to always think like a marketer AND learn how to write custom content for your sales funnel audience.

In fact, content marketing is about writing valuable information that you give away to your sales funnel visitors for FREE and BEFORE they buy.

As a result, you potential customers feel more valued and accepted. Because of this, they are more likely to buy.

Pretty cool, right?

So, in this beginner’s guide, I show you the basics on how to write content for a sales funnel in five simple steps.

With this in mind, let’s get started!

How to Write Content For A Sales Funnel

To begin with, here are the 5 steps to write great content for a sales funnel:

  1. Learn about your sales funnel’s target audience
  2. Create and write for different buyer personas
  3. Write to engage and educate your potential customers
  4. Write clear and simple sales copy
  5. Don’t forget to write content to close the sale

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps.

Learn About Your Sales Funnel’s Target Audience

Firstly, in order to write content for a sales funnel, you need to learn all you can about your target audience.  And you need to do this BEFORE you build any of its stages or the landing page.

Even though it is tempting to keep you options open and market to as many people as possible, don’t try to sell to everyone.

Results come from using targeted digital marketing to those who you know are a good fit for your product or service.

So, spend as much time as you can in and around your target audience.

In particular, hang out where they hang out. Then, learn as much about their behavior as possible. Especially the content they like.

For instance, this could be on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Similarly, it could be just hanging out on the internet around a website or ecommerce store that your target audience uses.

Ask Content-based Questions

Wherever you find your source of sales funnel traffic, spend as much time around all these potential customers so you can discover:

  • What problems do they have?
  • What help or content do they need?
  • Which social media platforms do they use?
  • Where do they do their online shopping?
  • What do they like AND hate about shopping online?
  • What content are they most interested in?
  • Which ecommerce stores or websites do they prefer?

Then, after you have done this content research, you will have a good idea of the pain and selling points that you will need to address in your sales funnel.

What’s more, by doing this, you are much better positioned to write a template with better content and real solutions to their issues and needs.

Especially, remember that all the stages of an effective sales funnel have to be sensitive to the concerns of its customers.

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Create And Write For Different Buyer Personas

The second step to writing content for a sales funnel is to create different buyer personas.

By definition, in ecommerce, a buyer persona is simply the personality that a potential buyer projects online.

Because every customer, and the subject matter they like, tend to be different. So too are their emotions, beliefs, and reasons to buy.

Thus, if you know your buyer personas, then you can then write sales funnel content for each type of customer.

Personalized Sales Funnel Content

For example, let’s take the case of the HelloFresh that has over 2.6 million customers.

HelloFresh are a global leader in food ecommerce and deliver fresh recipe meal kits direct to its customers’ doorsteps.

In this instance, the persona of parents in their twenties buying meal kits for their young family, may well be very different than the persona of a single male in his forties buying for himself.

Likewise, these two different types of buyers may well like, or need, very different forms of content to drive them into its sales funnel.

Furthermore, once inside the funnel stages, these two types of buyer may also need different, or personalized, content for them to finally take action and buy.

For this reason, if you know each of you buyer’s personas, you can write specific topics for each type of customer.

What’s more, you can even use different sales funnels and, hence, different subject matter, for each type of customer or persona.

So, in particular, try to find out:

  • What types of customers will buy from you?
  • Do they have different reasons for buying?
  • What type of content motivates them to buy?
  • How will they use your product or service?
  • Do they buy things often or rarely?

As a result, with these answers, you can start to create a better sales funnel content strategy.

Ultimately, when you personalize content for customers buying journey, you will enhance their experience AND get more conversions in your funnel.

Write To Engage and Educate Your Potential Customers

The third step to create content for a sales funnel involves writing to engage and educate your potential customers.

For one thing, a good sales funnel content marketing strategy will not only help you get a lot more conversions, but it will also help your potential customers to solve their problems.

In other words, great content is a win-win situation for your buyers AND for you as the seller.

Of course, having lots of prospects or leads is great.  But, if you don’t take care of those leads, you won’t make conversions.

Accordingly, you need to nurture you visitors through all the stages of your sales funnel.

In particular, you need to engage and educate your customers in each stage too.

Great Content Builds Great Desire

Good content creation generates awareness and builds interest. Moreover, great content creation goes even further AND builds desire.

Therefore, to engage and educate your customers you need to:

  • Write high-quality content with original website articles and blog posts
  • Ensure ALL subject matter is helpful and informative
  • Use simple but informative images or graphics
  • Promote your new content across multiple social media platforms
  • Use email marketing to target specific customers with specific topics
  • Use online influencers to positively review your products and services

Ultimately, if you educate your customers with good content, you will then build trust with them.

What’s more, it will help you to establish yourself as the expert. In reality, this combination helps to keep them moving forward in the funnel.

Finally, stick to a theme and always aim to write the best subject matter you can for every stage of your funnel.

Equally, always write content that impacts yours sales funnel visitors in a positive AND meaningful way.

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Write Clear And Simple Sales Copy Content

The fourth step to creating content for a sales funnel is to write clear and simple sales copy using effective copywriting. This is especially true for the first content your visitors see on your landing pages.

High-converting landing pages are easy to create using ready-made templates that you get in sales funnel software and landing page builders.

Although, this step sounds easy AND obvious, in reality, good copywriting it is probably the hardest step to carry out for beginners.

Clear and simple sales funnel content creation is one of the most important steps in writing for a funnel.

In fact, writing clear and simple sales copy is a skill that takes practice.

But, when you get it right, you will see many more conversions and sales!

In order to write content that is clear and simple, try to follow these guidelines:

  • Be organized before your start writing
  • Write for your target audience
  • Be specific and stick to the point or theme
  • Write in short sentences
  • Use simple but powerful words that get action
  • Write in the active voice
  • Use images or a graphic instead of text when possible

Does Your Sales Funnel Content Pass The Test?

Google loves simple, clear, and effective content. In fact, it will rank you higher in its search results for this.

Therefore, check your content BEFORE you put it out there.

Hence, here are several free tools to see if your sales funnel content reads clearly and simply:

In addition, if you are a complete beginner and want to write great content like a professional copywriter, you can use software to help you.

For example, Funnel Scripts is a simple script writing software platform that helps you to write all your content you could possibly need for an ecommerce sales funnel.

Not only is it written by a sales funnel master, but it is designed for beginners and experts too.

What’s more, it can help you with all your scripts, sales letters, webinar slides, emails, adverts, and more.

Moreover, the software generates sales funnel content by combining proven pre-written sales copy with user input for your product and services.

Although, it is not free, it is easy to use and produces the best sales copy in minutes.

Don’t Forget To Write Content To Close The Sale!

The final step in writing for a sales funnel is to remember to create content that helps to close the sale.

Having generated lots of awareness and interest for your products and services, you need to include motives at the action stage to finally get your visitors to buy.

For example, content that includes social proof and previous evidence for your brand helps to build desire.

Therefore, an effective sales funnel content marketing strategy will include:

  • Testimonials and case studies
  • Positive blog comments and reviews
  • Press or other industry recognition and awards

Of course, the more of these examples can you use in your funnel, the more desire you will create in your customers.

Ready-made templates from good sales funnel software will already have copy and design created to close the sale.

Ultimately, by throwing in additional promotions, discounts, and limited time offers towards the end of your funnel, you will then increase the chance your visitors will take action and buy.

Example Of Good Written Sales Funnel Content

So that you can learn with an example of a sales funnel with a great content marketing strategy in 2022, I invite you to check out the latest ecommerce funnel from HelloFresh.

For one thing, HelloFresh is an expert in writing content for its sales funnel.

In particular, it drives a huge amount of sales traffic to its funnel using all sorts of subject matter in its content marketing strategy.

What’s more, the content in each stage of its sales funnel is a great example for beginners of how to write simply, clearly AND effectively.

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