Best Sales Funnel Examples 2022 Netflix

The Netflix Sales Funnel: Best Sales Funnel Examples (2024)

Looking for the best sales funnel examples for inspiration for your funnels? The Netflix sales funnel is a great example of how to turn website visitors into paying customers using a sales funnel.

In this step-by step example, I’ll guide you through each stage of the Netflix sales funnel.

I’ll also show you how the Netflix sales funnel works, and why it is a good example to use as a model for your own funnels.

What Is The Netflix Sales Funnel?

The Netflix sales funnel is a 7-stage lead magnet sales funnel that attracts visitors with a 30-day free trial offer. Visitors enter the Netflix sales funnel via a call-to-action button on a landing page.

Netflix then guides visitors to sign-up and pay using a series of simple sales funnel pricing and payment pages.

Netflix Sales Funnel

Netflix is one of the largest on-demand streaming providers in the world. Users pay monthly to watch TV shows, movies, and more on devices connected to the internet.

As of 2024, Netflix has over 247 million paid subscriptions worldwide, with approximately 77 million in the United States.

And here’s the kicker…

All this business comes through its sales funnel.

But before we have a look at the stages of this massively successful funnel, let’s a take a brief look at how Netflix drives all this traffic to its well-oiled money-making machine.

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How Netflix Drives Traffic To Its Sales Funnel

Netflix relies heavily on social media to drive huge amounts of traffic to it’s sales funnel.

It has presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn. Netflix also uses traditional television advertising too.

Of all these social platforms, Netflix depends the most on YouTube for its sales funnel traffic.


It’s simple. Netflix has mastered the art of the online sneak peek video.

As of 2024 it has 27.5 million YouTube subscribers and it knows exactly what its target audience wants.

Multiple times each day, it engages its fans with short clips of its latest content. Netflix calls these clips ‘Official Trailers’ and ‘Official Teasers’.

Netflix Funnel Traffic YouTube Homepage

Netflix has found great success in modelling typical blockbuster movie advertising and putting its own twist on it.

For each show, it creates a short story using top actors, celebrities or influencers to draw the viewer in. It then cleverly transitions in a subtle way to the main advertising for the featured show.

When Netflix hits the sweet spot, many of these clips go viral – and so does the traffic to its sales funnel.

Here’s an example of what happens when Netflix successfully mixes one of the greatest action stars with a temperamental coffee machine.

This funny official teaser has already had nearly 5 million views in its first month.

To drive new customers into its sales funnel, each Netflix video includes multiple subscription links that redirect back to its YouTube home page.

And its on this page that it has a clear sign-up link that takes you directly to the official Netflix sales funnel landing page.

Netflix YouTube Link To Sales Funnel Landing Page

So now you know how Netflix drives traffic to its sales funnel, let’s take a closer look at all of its stages.

The Seven Stages Of The Netflix Sales Funnel

Here are the seven stages of the Netflix sales funnel:

  1. Sales funnel landing page
  2. Plan introduction page
  3. Plan pricing page
  4. Create account introduction page
  5. Create account sign-up page
  6. Payment method page
  7. Payment details page

Let’s have a closer look at each stage in action.

1. Netflix Sales Funnel Landing Page

The first stage of the Netflix sales funnel is its landing page. In this case, Netflix uses its website homepage for its landing page.

Sales Funnel Examples Netflix Landing Page 2020

Using effective copywriting, Netflix keeps the page very simple with a clear, bold headline for its free 30-day offer. Netflix also makes it clear that you can cancel anytime. And, that it will send you a reminder.

The company is risk sensitive in its digital marketing. As part of its strategy, Netflix knows that people do not want to be locked in an expensive contract.

This image is only the above-the fold part of its landing page. On scrolling down, the landing page also acts as it main sales page too.

Netflix Sales Funnel Example Landing Page Full Version

The Netflix landing page works incredibly well to raise interest and desire by listing the three top benefits of the service.

Netflix Landing Page Benefits Section – Example One

First, Netflix highlights that you can enjoy its service on your TV as well as a range of TV-related devices.

Netflix Landing Page Benefit Example One

Netflix Landing Page Benefits Section – Example Two

Secondly, Netflix informs you that you don’t have to watch its service live. You can download shows to watch them when it is convenient for you.

Netflix Landing Page Benefit Example Two

Netflix Landing Page Benefits Section – Example Three

Thirdly, Netflix points out that you can use its unlimited service everywhere. It works on multiple devices without paying more.

Netflix Landing Page Benefit Example Three

Netflix Landing Page FAQ Section – Examples

Netflix knows that its sales funnel visitors will have questions and concerns. So, on its landing page it answers the most common ones upfront. This makes it easier for its potential customers to take action and get started.

Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions Netflix answers:

Netflix Sales Funnel Landing Page Faq Examples

Overall, the Netflix landing page is very effective. It has a great offer with zero risk. What’s more, it raises awareness, generates interest, AND builds desire on only one page.

Clicking on the big red Start 30 Days Free button takes you to the second stage of Netflix’s sales funnel – the plan introduction page.

For sales funnel newbies, creating a landing page like this one is easy to do using sales funnel software, or a landing page builder.

Note: For more information on the tools we recommend you use to help you create your own landing pages and sales funnels, be sure to check out our guides:

2. Plan Introduction Page

Instead of taking you straight to its pricing page, Netflix use a plan introduction page. This is very important for Netflix, and for beginners learning about sales funnels.

Netflix Funnel Choose Plan Introduction

Netflix knows that if it shows you costs right after a free offer, most visitors will leave the funnel. Instead, it uses a simple page to soften the price impact. It reminds you that there is no-risk during the trial, and that you can cancel anytime thereafter.

In this case, Netflix is building your trust with this page. Clicking on the See The Plans button takes you to the third stage of its sales funnel – the plan pricing page.

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3. Plan Pricing Page

In the third stage of the sales funnel, Netflix makes it easy to compare three packages. By default, it pre-selects the Premium plan to maximize cart value. But you can select the other two lower cost options if you prefer.

Netflix Plans Pricing

Clicking the Continue button takes you to the next stage of the funnel – the create account introduction page.

4. Create Account Introduction Page

In the fourth stage, Netflix now lets you know that you need to create an account.

Netflix Create Account Introduction

This stage of the sales funnel works like the second stage. It uses another introduction page as it knows visitors may leave the funnel as soon as they have to sign-up.

Here, Netflix is pre-framing you that in order to continue you will have to use an email and password to sign up.

In this example, it cleverly surrounds this pre-framing with two benefits. A personalized service. And, the ability to use their service on any device and at any time.

Like the second stage, this stage is designed to keep you comfortable moving forward. It works by keeping your interest and desire.

Clicking Continue takes you to stage 5 – the create account sign-up page

5. Create Account Sign-up Page

In the fifth stage of the funnel, you create an account. Netflix only acquires your email address. By keeping this request simple and on a new page, it increases the chance that you will stay in its funnel.

Netflix Funnel Sign Up Page

In this case, Netflix has been successful in getting you to take action. It has got a conversion and now has a new lead.

If you leave the sales funnel at this stage, or after the trial, Netflix now has a way to woo you back.

Clicking Continue takes you to the next stage – the payment method page.

6. Payment Method Page

In stage six of the sales funnel, Netflix asks you set up your payment method for after the free trial. In this illustration, you have three options.

Netflix Choose Your Payment Method Stage

Netflix uses this stage like the introduction stages 2 and 4. It works to soften the effect of giving your payment details. Once again, it reminds that you are not committed, and that you can cancel at any time.

Choosing an option takes you to the final stage of the funnel – the payment details page.

7. Payment Details Page

In the final stage of the sales funnel, Netflix collects your payment information for after the free trial. You can now start your membership and use its service.

Netflix Sales Funnel Start Membership Page

Netflix has succeeded in getting you to take action again. In doing so, it has got another conversion. Better still, Netflix now has a lead who is registered to become a paying customer in 30 days.

To build your own sales funnels with payment integration gateways like this one, good sales funnel software will already include it for you.

Simply, choose your preferred payment provider (Stripe, PayPal etc), and in a few clicks you can get paid.

Netflix Sales Funnel Email Marketing

If you leave the Netflix sales funnel before giving your payment details, Netflix reaches out to you with email marketing to remind you to finish signing up.

Here is a sample of one of its standard reminder emails it sends you within 24 hours.

Netflix Sales Funnel Email Marketing Follow Up Example

And here is another example of an email reminder Netflix sends you a few days later. Notice that the basic service price of $8.99 is showing in the subject box at the top of the email.

Even though the $15.99 Premium plan was selected in the sales funnel, Netflix is now reminding you of a less expensive option to get you to finish signing up.

Netflix Sales Funnel Email Marketing Reminder Example

Clicking on a button in either email takes you to a new Netflix sales funnel landing page to finish the sign-up process.

Netflix Sales Funnel Finish Sign Up Landing Page

Here, using a similar template, Netflix welcomes you back and invites you to finish your sign-up. Clicking the red call-to-action button takes you right back in to the sales funnel to do exactly that.

That’s the power of personalized email marketing!

Note: For more information on the tools we recommend you use to help you with your own email marketing, be sure to check out our guide:

What Makes This A Great Example Of A Sales Funnel?

The Netflix sales funnel is a great blueprint on which you can model your own funnels.

The Netflix sales funnel works because:

  • It’s simple, clear, and very easy to use
  • It makes excellent use of social media to drive a ton of traffic to its landing page
  • The landing page has a bold headline AND an irresistible risk-free offer.
  • Key product benefits and FAQs raise awareness, interest and desire
  • Seven very short steps keep you moving forward to take action
  • Every page is very sensitive to customer risk and builds trust
  • It guides visitors to register and become paying customers at the end of the trial
  • Effective email marketing brings visitors back to finish signing up if they leave early

Ultimately, the Netflix sales funnel is a great example of funnel because it adds value to both Netflix and the customer. It has great funnelkarma!

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Happy funneling my friend.

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