Best Sales Funnel Examples 2022 Spotify

The Spotify Sales Funnel: Best Sales Funnel Examples (2024)

Looking for the best sales funnel examples for inspiration for your own funnels? The Spotify sales funnel is a good example of how to convert your website visitors into paying customers using sales funnels.

In this step-by step example, I’ll guide you through every stage of the Spotify sales funnel.

I’ll show you how the Spotify sales funnel works, and also explain why this sales funnel is a great example to use as a model for your funnels.

What Is The Spotify Sales Funnel?

The Spotify sales funnel is a 3-stage lead magnet sales funnel with email marketing for upsells. Spotify attracts visitors to its sales funnel with a free streaming music offer.

Spotify then guides users to pay for premium services using a series of simple sales funnel pricing and payment pages.

Spotify Sales Funnel

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs. It’s standard service is free.

But you can upgrade to Spotify Premium to play and download any songs you like, and listen ad-free.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Upsell Example
Source: Spotify

In 2020, Spotify launched its latest subscription plan called Premium Duo. This service is aimed at couples, or two people, living together under one roof.

As part of its digital marketing, Spotify sells this service through a sales funnel.

In this sales funnel example, we’ll guide you step-by-step through all of its stages from a visitor’s perspective.

Most importantly, we’ll look at:

  • How visitors are driven to its sales funnel
  • How Spotify gets its leads
  • Spotify’s social media adverts and its email marketing for its upsells
  • How Spotify converts free users in paying consumers using three simple stages for each upsell

Spotify Sales Funnel’s Free Organic Traffic

Suppose you’ve never heard of Spotify but you want to start streaming music on your computer. Searching for “streaming music” in Google, for example, lists Spotify in the number one place.

Spotify Google Search Engine Listing Example

Spotify also lists in the top three on Google for many other digital streaming music terms or keywords. It does this because it has excellent search engine optimization, or SEO built in to its site.

Clicking on this search result takes you to Spotify’s homepage, which is also its sales funnel landing page.

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Stages Of The Spotify Sales Funnel

Here are the three basic stages of the Spotify Sales Funnel.

Spotify Sales Funnel Landing Page (Stage 1)

The Spotify homepage is the company’s main sales funnel landing page. It’s a great example of how to use good copywriting. It simply displays a bold headline and an irresistible offer, to get a website visitors attention.

Spotify Sales Funnel Main Landing Page

In this case, Spotify keep its landing page super simple. It has only one call-to-action to get started. This is its lead magnet to Get Spotify Free.

Clicking the green button takes you to the next stage of the sales funnel – the sign-up page.

If you’re new to sales funnels, creating a landing page like this one is easy to do using sales funnel software, or a landing page builder.

Note: For more information on the tools we recommend you use to help you create your own landing pages and sales funnels, be sure to check out our guides:

Spotify Sales Funnel Sign-Up Page (Stage 2)

Spotify does not capture your email address on its landing page. Instead, it uses a dedicated sign-up page to acquire a little more information.

Spotify Sales Funnel Sign Up Page

By keeping this request on a separate page, it increases the chance that you will stay in its funnel.

On completing the form, you are taken to its thank you page.

Spotify Sales Funnel Thank You Page (Stage 3)

The Spotify sales funnel thank you page is very simple. It gives you a confirmation instruction to click an install file to finish up.

Spotify Sales Funnel Thank You Page Example

You don’t have to install the desktop software to start using Spotify. You also have the option of listening to Spotify by logging in to its web browser player.

Either way, you are now able to start listening to its free music service.

Spotify Free Web Player Example

How easy was that? In just three simple stages, you went through the first part of the Spotify funnel.

You went from being a complete stranger on Google to a consumer of its product. As for Spotify, it now has a new lead.

But the real Spotify sales funnel has only just begun…

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Spotify Upsell Email Marketing For Its Premium Service

Presently, Spotify is adding value to your life. You are enjoying listening to streamed music for free.

But for Spotify, you are now a new lead. You are now someone it can begin to market its premium paying service to. And, it offers you this additional value using email marketing.

Shortly after signing up, you receive a series of lead nurturing emails. In this example, Spotify starts by offering you three months of its premium service for free.

Spotify Sales Funnel Email Marketing Example

For beginners, these sales funnel emails are a good example of how email marketing should be. They’re simple, colorful, and communicate each offer in a quick and easy way.

Spotify doesn’t bombard you with many emails. The company is also good at reminding you of when an offer is about to run out.

For instance, here is another sample of an email it sends you near the end of the offer.

Spotify Sales Funnel Upsell Email Reminder Example

Although, you like the free service, you’re not a fan of the adverts every few songs. And some of your favorite songs are not available on the basic plan.

So, with your awareness raised for a better service that is good value, you decide to upgrade. In this case, three free months sounds like a good deal to you.

Clicking on the buttons in the emails takes you to a sales funnel upsell landing page for its premium service.

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Stages Of The Spotify Premium Upsell Funnel

Here are the three stages of the Spotify Premium Upsell Funnel.

Spotify Sales Funnel Upsell Page – Premium (Stage 1)

Spotify’s main premium service upsell has its own dedicated landing sales page.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Upsell Landing Page

Unfortunately, when we clicked on the email link, we had just missed out on three months free. Instead, Spotify was offering one month free. But for this illustration, it doesn’t matter.

Spotify uses this funnel upsell landing page as a sales page. It shows four key reasons to go premium and, on scrolling down, also offers you four pricing plans.

Spotify Premium Plan Upsells Pricing

For now, let’s say you are only interested in the individual plan (shown in red). Clicking the green Get Started button takes you to a new sign-up page.

Spotify Sales Funnel Sign-Up Page – Premium (Stage 2)

Having already signed-up for Spotify free at the start of the sales funnel, all you need to do is login to continue.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Sign Up Page

Clicking the green Log In button takes you to the Spotify Payment Page.

Spotify Sales Funnel Payment Page – Premium (Stage 3)

The Spotify sales funnel payment page for its Premium service upsell is simple and distraction free. It requires your payment details to start your Premium service.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Upsell Payment Page

Once again, how simple was that? In just another three simple stages, you went through the second part of the Spotify sales funnel.

Assuming you stay after your free month, you’ve gone from being a lead to a paying customer. It’s a win-win for you and the company. You have a premium music service. Spotify now has a new sale and paying consumer.

As you create your own sales funnels, you’ll find payment integration gateways like this one will already be included in good sales funnel software.

Simply, choose a preferred payment provider (Stripe, PayPal etc), and in a few clicks you can get paid too.

Now, the Spotify sales funnel doesn’t stop now that you are a paying customer.

Spotify continues to nurture you with another offer of additional value. And not just for you, but for a close friend. It wants you to be an advocate and promoter of its brand.

Spotify Upsell Email Marketing For Its Premium Duo Service

Shortly after becoming a premium user, Spotify sends you a new series of lead nurturing emails. This time, it offers you the Premium Duo service. It markets this product for couples, or two people, who live together under one roof.

Spotify Sales Funnel Duo Upsell Email Example

Now, you can have two separate premium accounts for only a few dollars more. And, in this funnel email offer, you’re first month is free.

Similar to the first premium upsell, clicking either button takes you to a new Premium Duo landing page. We’ll look at that in a minute.

But, first let’s look at some of Spotify’s social media marketing that’s also going on.

Spotify Sales Funnel Advertising

Alongside Spotify’s email marketing for its Premium Duo service, it also uses social media and television advertising to promote the new plan too.

Spotify Social Media Advertising Examples

Social media is very important for Spotify’s sales funnel. It has sales funnel adverts on its Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube digital marketing channels.

Spotify Twitter Ad Example

Firstly, here is an example of one of Spotify’s Twitter ads.

Spotify Facebook Ad Example

Here is a similar example of one of Spotify’s Facebook ads.

Spotify YouTube Ad Example

Although Spotify no longer has this content on its YouTube channel, here is a still shot sample of one of Spotify’s YouTube video adverts. It uses similar content to that shown on Twitter and Facebook.

Spotify YouTube Advert Example

For all three of these social media channels, notice how each advert has a link that takes you to Spotify’s sales funnel landing page for the Premium Duo service.

Spotify Sales Funnel Television Advertising

Spotify also uses television advertising to drive more people to its sales funnel.

Spotify Television Advert Example

For those new to Spotify, or free users who live together under one roof, this TV commercial raises more awareness for its new service. Existing users need to login to their account and upgrade. They can now save money for themselves and their closest friend.

Stages Of The Spotify Premium Duo Upsell Funnel

Here are the three stages of the Spotify Premium Duo Upsell Funnel.

Spotify Sales Funnel Upsell Page – Premium Duo (Stage 1)

Similar to the first premium service upsell, the Premium Duo upsell has its own dedicated landing page.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Duo Upsell Landing Page

To begin using the Duo service and move you forward in its sales funnel, Spotify guides you to click the yellow Get Started button.

Clicking this takes you to a sign-up page like the one from the first premium upsell.

Spotify Sales Funnel Sign-Up Page – Premium Duo (Stage 2)

With a similar template to the first upsell sign-up page, Spotify requires you to log in to upgrade.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Duo Sign Up Page

Entering you details, and clicking the green Log In button, takes you to a new payment page for the Duo upsell.

Spotify Sales Funnel Payment Page – Premium Duo (Stage 3)

The Spotify sales funnel Premium Duo payment page is almost identical to the one from its first premium service upsell.

Spotify Sales Funnel Premium Duo Upsell Payment Page

On completing your payment information, you and your friend can begin to use the Duo service.

Spotify Premium Web Player Example

So, once more, in just three more easy steps, you have now gone through the third part of the Spotify sales funnel.

You’ve also gone from being a paying customer to a repeat, and higher paying, consumer. And, as an advocate or promoter, you’ve introduced you’re friend to the premium service too.

Now, it’s a win-win-win for you, your friend, and for Spotify.

Why Is This A Great Example Of A Sales Funnel?

The Spotify sales funnel is a great blueprint on which you can model your own funnels.

 It works because:

  • It’s simple, clear, and super easy to use
  • The landing page has a superb headline AND an irresistible free offer
  • Three short steps keep you moving forward to take action
  • Effective email marketing campaigns raise awareness for more premium products
  • Social media campaigns engage you and raise more awareness, interest, and desire
  • Each upsell massively increases the cart value

Most importantly, this funnel adds value to both you as a customer, and the company. It’s a great example of a sales funnel with good funnelkarma!

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Happy funneling my friend.

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