How To Create A Sales Funnel From Scratch

How To Create A Sales Funnel From Scratch in 8 Easy Steps

New to digital marketing and need to know how to create a sales funnel from scratch?

Or, perhaps you have found out that a sales funnel is essential in ecommerce, and now you need to learn more.

Either way, in this beginner’s guide, I explain the eight steps of how to create a sales funnel from scratch.

So, let’s get started.

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How To Create A Sales Funnel From Scratch

Here are the 8 steps to create a sales funnel from scratch.

  1. Build an effective sales funnel landing page
  2. Offer something irresistible upfront
  3. Create a sales funnel ‘upsell’
  4. Create a sales funnel ‘downsell’
  5. Simplify everything to get more conversions
  6. Create a sales funnel email campaign for your leads
  7. Keep in touch with your paying customers
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 and optimize your funnel!

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps.

1. Build An Effective Sales Funnel Landing Page

Firstly, in order to create a sales or marketing funnel from scratch, you need to build a landing page with effective copywriting.

Landing pages are used in digital marketing to get your visitors to take action.

Your landing page has to be simple and curiosity-filled so that all your visitors and potential customers will want to stay to find out more.

This is your chance to make a great first impression with all your sales funnel traffic. It is also a bigger chance to generate awareness for your products and services.

So, it is important to create a landing page that is clear and simple with an offer that is too good to turn down.

What’s more, you need to show a benefit or offer a solution to your visitors’ problem.

Creating your own landing page is easy to do using sales funnel software, or a landing page builder.

Whatever type of funnel you choose, you need a big, bold headline on your landing page to get your visitors attention.

Then, use images or a graphic that compliment headline and offer in a positively emotional way.

Above all, make it clear and distraction free

Give them a reason to want to click for more. After all, these prospects visit your site because they have a need for something. 

After your headline, use a bold call to action to invite your visitors to the next step. 

Better still, offer them something else to sign up for on the landing page.

For instance, a free guide, report, or promotional discount will help you to get their contact details.

This is an example of a very early lead magnet funnel within a larger funnel with a final action of buying something.

Moreover, it’s a very effective sales funnel strategy that helps you get a new lead early.

Two of the best sales funnels with this type of landing page in 2022 are from Netflix and HelloFresh.

2. Offer Something Irresistible Upfront

Ideally, your amazing offer will begin on your landing page.

If you know your target audience and done your market research, then it easier to make an irresistible sales funnel offer.

But an upfront offer is not just about money. The key to a good funnel is that it builds awareness, interest and desire with the offer itself. 

For example, at the beginning of the Netflix sales funnel, it uses a bold headline with just seven words: “Watch Anywhere. Cancel Anytime. Try 30 Days Free.“. 

Of course, it is a well-known brand. But you can do the same if you always keep in mind the first four stages of a sales funnel – Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Whatever your initial upfront offer, it pre-frames the desire for your next offer in the funnel. This will be the upsell.

Once your potential customers, or prospects, select a product or service, you need to offer them an upsell.

3. Create A Sales Funnel ‘Upsell’

For sales funnel beginners, the definition of an upsell is an upgrade, a buy more at 50% special, or an additional product purchase on top of the original selection. 

But the upsell must be relevant to their selection. More importantly, it must also be of even more benefit to the prospect. 

Furthermore, the upsell is your chance to start to raise the cart value in the sales funnel with a product that makes you more money.

4. Create A Sales Funnel ‘Downsell’

If your visitor is not ready to buy, or did not select your upsell, then you can offer them a downsell

In contrast to an upsell, this is a cheaper alternative or a lower end product that costs less. 

In reality, downsells are not bad. Beginners often get confused here when they try to build a sales funnel and leave downsells out.

But, despite their name, they are actually a very good thing. In fact, they are a tool to keep budget conscious customers in your funnel. 

Significantly, your real goal here is to offer a downsell to help the customer AND make money for you too!

If you manage to make those customers happy, they will come back to the funnel when they have more money to spend.

5. Simplify Everything To Get More Conversions

Although this step in creating a sales funnel sounds easy, it’s not.

People like simplicity, and it is no different when it comes to building each step or stage of your funnel.

In the same way as the Netflix and HelloFresh sales funnels, make sure your funnel is super easy to use from the beginning.

Above all you need to make sure that every step is also clear and simple to follow. Because, by doing this, it makes it easier to get your visitors to take the action you need of them.

Additionally, make sure it is safe to buy on your website. Since trust is everything in ecommerce!

In order to get more conversions and minimize visitors leaving your funnel (called leaks), make sure you:

  • Keep the information to build awareness, interest, and desire simple
  • Minimize the number of steps required to buy
  • Minimize the number of form fields to fill in
  • Use one-click options to sign up and sign in
  • Use sales funnel software you can trust to build AND manage your funnel

6. Create A Sales Funnel Email Campaign for Your Leads

Creating a sales funnel is not just about what you see on the front end. Most of the important functions happen on the back end and behind the scenes.

For example, one of these is an email autoresponder that is built-in to your sales funnel builder, or comes with dedicated email marketing software.

In simple terms, this is the ability to automatically send out emails with personalized offers if a visitor leaves your funnel early and before buying.

On the assumption you get their email address at the beginning of the sales funnel, you can create an email campaign to contact these new leads.

In this way, you can then reach out to them with great content AND more offers that are too good to turn down. 

But the key is to be considerate. Above all, do not overwhelm them.

Remember your visitors came to you because they had a problem. Do NOT become their problem! 

Besides, if you continue to be an expert by engaging with them in a positive and helpful way, they will return to your funnel to buy.

7. Keep In Touch With Your Paying Customers

To make a sales funnel that works well, you need to begin to build better relationships with your existing customers. 

In short, you do this by creating email campaigns in your funnel for these guys too.

In fact, paying customers are your best friends right now! Make sure you thank them after they make a purchase or sign up for your offer. 

Likewise, other ways you can keep in touch with these customers include:

  • Engage them across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Follow up directly with a survey about their purchase
  • Offer them coupons and a loyalty or rewards program
  • Suggest other products and services that may help them

Most importantly, be proactive and create more amazing offers so they come back to your sales funnel and buy more.

In reality, by keeping in touch AND making them happy, your customers will tell others about you too!

8. Repeat Stages 1 to 7 And Optimize Your Funnel!

If you follow steps 1 to 7, then a sales funnel will take care of itself. You will make more sales AND grow your business too.

But don’t stop! In reality, you need to keep reviewing every step AND stage of your funnel to optimize it for maximum conversions.

In fact, even people who create sales funnels for a living don’t get it right first time.

They know they have to optimize their funnels over and over again to get the best performance.

But, I know what you are thinking. This sounds like a lot of work for a beginner to do ALL this manually? 

You’re right, it is a huge amount of work. However, with a great funnel, you can reap great rewards.

Thankfully, there is an easy and quick way to build a sales funnel from scratch AND with all these steps.

And, that is to use good sales funnel software.

Sales funnel software (also called ‘sales funnel builders’) can help you to create, automate and manage every part of your funnel.

In Summary

If you are new to digital marketing or ecommerce, then it essential that you learn how to create a sales funnel.

You can build a sales funnel from scratch for any need, product, or service if you follow the 8 simple steps described in this post.

Whether you’re a beginner, or an expert, the same 8 steps apply and can be made much easier using sales funnel building software to automate and manage the whole process.