Best Sales Funnel Examples 2022 Hellofresh

The HelloFresh Sales Funnel: Best Sales Funnel Examples 2024

Looking for the best sales funnel examples? The HelloFresh sales funnel is great example of how to convert website visitors into more paying customers using a sales funnel.

In this step-by-step example, I’ll guide you through all the stages of the HelloFresh sales funnel.

I’ll also show you how the HelloFresh sales funnel works, how it gets its traffic, and why it’s a great example to help you build your own funnels.

What Is The HelloFresh Sales Funnel?

The HelloFresh sales funnel is a 6-stage lead magnet sales funnel with free meal kit offers. HelloFresh attract millions of visitors to its sales funnel via extensive use of social media platforms and digital marketing.

HelloFresh then guides its visitors to purchase meal plans using simple sales funnel pricing and payment pages.

Hellofresh Meal Kits Example
Source: HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the global leader in providing fresh food at home and the largest weekly meal kit delivery service in the United States.

It is a food subscription ecommerce company that sends out boxes with simple recipes and all the fresh, high quality ingredients to make nutritious meals.

Founded in 2011 in Germany, HelloFresh’s owners packed shopping bags and hand delivered them to its first 10 customers made up of their family and friends.

Fast forward to 2024, HelloFresh now operates in 18 countries and has acquired 7.1 million active customers. It delivered over 1 billion meals in 2022 with a net revenue of €7.6 billion. That’s phenomenal growth!

In fact, earlier in 2017, HelloFresh was number one in the Financial Times FT 1000: The list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies with revenue growth from 2012-2015 of 13,159%. Yes, you read that right!

What’s more, although HelloFresh has overtaken over 100 competitors to get to the top in just 9 years, it is still only at the beginning of its online transition.

And it had done ALL this business through a sales funnel.

The mission of its CEO, and co-founder Dominik Richter, is to change the way people eat forever. But HelloFresh is doing much more than that.

It is disrupting a multi-trillion dollar industry by fundamentally changing the way consumers shop for food.

Today, HelloFresh continues to grow. According to its last half-year report in 2023, HelloFresh’s group revenue in just the second quarter of 2023 reached a whopping €1.92 billion.

Although this growth has slowed from the impressive 15.9% year-over-year growth it reported in 2022, HelloFresh still outshines its nearest competitor Blue Apron.

Hellofresh Meal Kit Box Example
Source: HelloFresh

A Fresh Ecommerce Business Model

HelloFresh provides the opportunity for every household to enjoy healthy, home-made meals with no traditional preparation, shopping and hassle.

Its business model is to freshly prepare and package all the ingredients and recipe cards, and then deliver them to the customers doorstep.

Each meal takes around 30 minutes to cook. A typical order consists of three two-person meals, from around 20 recipes each week, and costs about $60 to $70.

Although HelloFresh is an ecommerce company, it has recently expanded in to retail stores to reach a new complementary audience with a new version of their meal kits.

Hellofresh Retail Meal Kits
Source: HelloFresh

A lot the rapid growth and success of HelloFresh comes from its aggressive marketing AND its effective sales funnel.

As you will soon see, it relies heavily on social media platforms, as well as traditional digital marketing, to drive HUGE amounts of sales traffic to its funnel.

But even more of its success is because of its very effective sales funnel management. Behind the scenes, HelloFresh is able to offer a dynamic and easily changeable customer experience to maximize its conversions and sales.

It does this with an extensive data-driven technology sales funnel platform. This enables it to manage supply and demand, as well as offer exactly what the customers want AND when they want to eat it!

So, let’s dive into the stages of its funnel. Then we’ll look at how HelloFresh gets all its traffic.

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The Six Stages Of The HelloFresh Sales Funnel

To get HelloFresh meal kits delivered to your door, you have to go through 6 stages of its sales funnel.

This sounds like a lot of work. But, just like the 7 stages of the Netflix sales funnel example, its actually very straight forward.

HelloFresh has a great sales funnel that is simple, easy to use and, judging by its 6.94 million customers, VERY effective!

Here are six stages of the HelloFresh Sales Funnel:

  1. HelloFresh Sales Funnel Landing Page
  2. Personalize Your Plan Page
  3. Get Started Page
  4. Shipping Information Page
  5. Payment Information Page
  6. Select Meals from Weekly Menu

Let’s have a closer look at each of these six stages in action.

Stage 1. HelloFresh Sales Funnel Landing Page

The first stage of the HelloFresh sales funnel is its landing page. Here HelloFresh have chosen to use its homepage as its main landing page.

As a visitor and potential customer, you land on a warm and colorful landing page with effective copywriting.

Enticing fresh food separated by a big, bold headline is designed to get your attention.

Sales Funnel Example HelloFresh Landing Page 2020

HelloFresh also displays the starting price of its meals with a smaller headline to make you aware that it has the most recipe variety.

Below this headline, HelloFresh uses a big green call-to-action right in the center of the page. Your eye is drawn straight to this View Our Plans button.

It is strategically placed in the center to get you to click straight through to the second stage of the sales funnel.

Like a good restaurant that changes its menu, HelloFresh often changes the background graphic and the headline on its sales funnel landing page. However, the central position of the button to click forward ALWAYS stays the same.

Special Offer of the Day

After the bold headline and central call-to-action on the sales funnel landing page, your eye is drawn to its attractive sales offer found above the main menu.

Hellofresh Landing Page Sales Offer Header Bar

Here you can see a TODAY ONLY 8 Free Meals offer that is time sensitive. Next to this is a lighter green call-to-action button to unlock the offer.

With a good contrast of color between the main page and the top header bar, the offer is easy to see but not too obtrusive.

Although there is a normal menu at the top of the landing page for more specific information, the first stage of the sales funnel encourages you to click either one of these two green buttons to move forward.

Starting with the special offer of the day.

By clicking on the Unlock Offer button, a pop-up window appears. It informs you that as a Exclusive Offer, you can Enjoy $80 Off your order.

Once again, this offer is time sensitive to increase the sense of urgency for you to move forward.

Hellofresh Landing Page Example 2020 Offer Pop Up

An Early Lead Magnet Funnel

As shown in the image above, as a good selling point, HelloFresh makes this offer exclusive for first time customers.

A visitor can, of course, continue without taking advantage of the offer. However, the discount will not be applied in the next stage of the funnel.

What’s most important for the sales funnel and for HelloFresh, is that you have to enter your email address to unlock the offer.

This is a classic example of an early lead magnet funnel within the template of a larger sales funnel.

By including an attractive offer on its sales funnel landing page, which requires you to sign-up with your email address to unlock the offer, HelloFresh is doubling the opportunity to acquire a new lead if you leave before the checkout stage.

In this way, HelloFresh wants you to take action at the very first stage of its sales funnel. As you will see shortly, this is the first of THREE actions it wants you take in its funnel.

The second action is to give your shipping information. And finally, the last and MOST important action, is to complete the payment stage to buy its products and service.

These three actions become a total of three conversions within the funnel for HelloFresh.

On giving your email address and clicking the Claim Offer button, it takes you to the second stage of the sales funnel.

For sales funnel beginners, you can easily create your own landing page just like this one from HelloFresh using sales funnel software, or a landing page builder.

Note: For more information on the tools we recommend you use to help you create your own landing pages and sales funnels, be sure to check out our guides:

Stage 2. Personalize Your Plan Page

The second stage of the HelloFresh sales funnel is one of the most important stages. Most of its social media and digital marketing have call-to-actions that bring you to this stage.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Select Plan Stage

In this stage, HelloFresh asks you to select a plan. It requires you to engage further by choosing one from its four plans on the left.

To keep it simple, it defaults to the Meat and Veggies plan, for two people, and three recipes per week.

On the right, it displays an order review with a brief description of your choices. The price per serving and shipping cost is clearly shown here too.

In this example, the discount from the previous sales funnel landing page offer has been applied. It is shown in red to make it stand out clearly.

Below the main call-to-action green button to move forward, HelloFresh continues to raise your awareness, interest, and desire with an attractive, colorful image slider of its meals.

Here you can scroll through to see the examples of meals from each plan.

However, HelloFresh leaves the choosing of the recipes to the end of the sales funnel and, more importantly, AFTER the checkout. 

By keeping the more difficult and time-consuming recipe choices until after you pay, it carefully minimizes the chance of losing you if you’re unable to decide upfront.

Sales Funnel Progress Bar

Notice at the top of the page, HelloFresh helps each prospect by using a simple icon led navigation stream.

As a visitor, this helps to let you know where you are along the buying process in simple and easy-to-understand stages.

Here, you can see that there are five simple stages, after the initial sales funnel landing page, to complete your purchase and choose your meals.

Confirmation of Offer Discount

Below the sales funnel navigation bar, HelloFresh continues to help you by informing you that your offer discount has been successfully applied. It makes you immediately aware of your total savings.

By clicking on the information icon next to the total, a drop-down graphic appears breaking down the discount.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Discount Information Box

In this case, as a bonus, you will notice that you actually save a total of $86.99. That’s an additional $6.99 to the $80 HelloFresh originally promised you! The offer is getting better in this funnel!

The drop-down box shows you how this discount has been applied using five box icons with four showing savings totaling $86.99.

One Offer Now Becomes Four!

Although the initial meal plan landing page only asked you to sign up for meals for one week, this offer is actually spread over four weeks’ worth of meals. 

HelloFresh makes this is an attractive AND important offer within the sales funnel as it actually becomes four separate offers for four different boxes. 

Its beauty is that it encourages (or pre-frames) the prospect to already start considering to order for four weeks instead of just one to receive its FULL $86.99 benefit.

Once, you choose your plan and review the order, all you have to do to move forward in the sales funnel is to click the big green button in the center of the page.

HelloFresh carefully make sure that in each stage of its sales funnel, the button to move forward are always the same color AND centrally located.

[Note: If you begin to look at more successful sales funnel examples, you will start to notice consistent call-to-action button coloration AND placement.

Like the psychology of color in sales and marketing, these two factors work together subliminally to get more clicks AND increase the conversion rate of its sales funnel.

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Stage 3. Get Started Page

Stage three of the HelloFresh sales funnel is the Registration Stage. In this case, the third stage is even easier than stage two.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Register Stage

If you took action and signed up for the offer on the landing page, then the only thing to do is to, once again, click the big green button to continue. That’s all!

Your email address from the landing page with already be on display in the email box.

On the other hand, if you did not choose to sign up for the offer, you will now have to take action and register to move forward to the address and billing stages.

This stage of the sales funnel is another example of how HelloFresh tries to get its first conversion of three.

HelloFresh overcomes a pain point for potential customers by informing you under the Continue button that you can Unsubscribe at any time.

Effective Selling Points

HelloFresh also continues to generate awareness, interest and further desire with three additional selling points below the email sign-up box.

It informs you that its products and service can help you Save time, Get inspired and Be unstoppable.

It also uses supporting icon with a brief description under each of these three additional benefits. This is simple, easy to read, and effective.

In addition, HelloFresh also displays a testimonial slider to reinforce how its product and service have benefited some of its real customers.

If you do not want to sign up with your email address, HelloFresh continues to make it easy, and gives you more options to continue with both Google and Facebook.

Once registered, the next three stages of the sales funnel are very straight forward.

HelloFresh continues to break the online sales journey down in to small and easily manageable steps, to keep you moving towards the checkout (or final action) stage.

Stage 4. Shipping Information Page

The fourth stage of the HelloFresh sales funnel is the Address Stage. It is very simple and requires you to give your name and shipping information.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Address Stage

In this example, HelloFresh makes a point of splitting up shipping and payment information over two different steps in its sales funnel. They do it for two different AND important reasons.

Firstly, HelloFresh knows that potential customers are put off by too many boxes to fill in. By breaking this task into two smaller steps, it makes it easier for the customer to keep moving forward.

Secondly, and less obvious, this stage of its sales funnel is actually another lead magnet funnel. It’s goal is for HelloFresh to get its second conversion.

Even though you had to give your email address to get to this stage, now you are required to give your delivery address details to get to the next stage.

If you go on to the payment stage AND leave the funnel before placing your order, HelloFresh now has an additional way to reach out to you.

What’s more amazing, HelloFresh does reach out to you and sends you even more offers in the mail. Not many companies do this anymore. It shows you just how much HelloFresh wants your business!

Once again, it is another great example of how HelloFresh uses its sales funnel very effectively to maximize its traffic before, during AND after it has been visited.

Raising More Awareness, Interest, and Desire

On the right side of the page is a brief Order Summary. Again, HelloFresh keeps this very simple with the FREE Shipping and Discount both clear and easy to read.

Notice just below the large green Next Step call-to-action, there are two additional product and service benefits that further help to build trust with the potential customer.

HelloFresh points out that its ingredients are Fresher than grocers AND it is Environmentally Friendly. Both of these important selling points also have a simple, easy-to-understand and colorful icon with a brief description.

What’s more, just like the meal examples and testimonials in stages two and three respectively, with these two benefits, HelloFresh is continuing to raise awareness, interest, and desire for its products and service.

These benefits are carefully placed next to the large green call-to-action for good reason. As a potential customer, you can continue to move forward more confidently knowing that you are getting great value.

Once you complete all the boxes, all that is left to do is click the big green Next Step button to take you to the checkout stage of the sales funnel.

Stage 5. Payment Information Page

The fifth stage of the HelloFresh sales funnel is the Checkout Stage. It looks very similar to the previous Address Stage but now handles your payment information.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Checkout Stage

As you can see from the image above, HelloFresh keeps the template almost exactly the same for this stage of its sales funnel. It does this for good reason – to keep things simple AND consistent.

It also does it to minimize the risk of confusing the customer with any unnecessary and potentially off-putting information that might distract them and cause them to leave the funnel early.

By default, HelloFresh uses PayPal, but it also gives another four payment options that are clearly visible.

On the right side, the Order Summary is the same as in the previous stage. Now, below this, your delivery address has been included.

In addition, below the delivery address, there is now new information that gives you the date of your first delivery.

When building your own sales funnels with checkouts, payment integration gateways like this one will already be included in good sales funnel software.

Simply, choose a payment provider (Stripe, PayPal etc), and you can start getting paid.

Building Trust In The Sales Funnel

Similar to the Address Stage of the funnel, the Checkout page also continues to build trust and develop the relationship with the customer with two further benefits of its products and service. 

Below the large green Place Order and Select Meals button, HelloFresh includes two more VERY important selling points, namely Save Money and Commitment-free.

HelloFresh clearly understands how to overcome two big pain points of any customer. That is price, and the freedom to cancel (or skip) at any time without being tied to a long contract.

Once again, each benefit is easy to read with a colorful icon and a brief description.

What’s more, they are both strategically placed right next to the button to move forward.

After entering your payment information, all you have to do is click the big green call-to-action to place your order and select your meals. That’s it!

HelloFresh has now secured its third, and most important, conversion.

From a sales funnel point of view, this checkout stage is the most important stage of the funnel after the lead acquisition stage of registration. 

After completion of the checkout stage of its funnel, HelloFresh then takes you to the exciting part of meal selection.  

Stage 6. Select Meals from Weekly Menu

The sixth stage of the HelloFresh Sales Funnel is the fun part of selecting all the recipes you want.

Unlike a restaurant where you choose (or eat) your meal before you pay your bill, HelloFresh has carefully left the selection of its meal kits until AFTER you pay.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Select Meals Stage

As mentioned in Stage 2, HelloFresh knows that choosing so many meals in one go can be off-putting AND very time-consuming.

If the meal selection stage was earlier in the sales funnel, it could easily increase the chance of a potential customer getting distracted and leaving the funnel early.

But having quickly taken care of all your plan choice, delivery information and payment details, the customer still gets to benefit from their great user experience.

You are now free to enjoy choosing whatever you want from the weekly menu without worrying about how much each meal is going to cost.

In this instance, on its Meat and Veggies Plan for the week shown at the beginning of January, there were 20 freshly prepared and delicious looking meal kits to choose from its main Our Menus list.

Examples of How HelloFresh Drives Traffic To Its Sales Funnel

A good sales funnel needs lots of traffic and HelloFresh knows exactly how to target its audience.

It uses both social media platforms and digital marketing to attract visitors, prospects, or potential customers to its funnel including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Traditional Television Commercial
  • Paid and Organic Google Search
  • Website Recipes
  • Website Blog

Let’s take a closer look at an illustration from each of these.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Facebook

HelloFresh uses Facebook to raise awareness, interest, and desire for its product and services. It places links in each post to drive traffic to its sales funnel.

As of 2024, it has just over 2.4 million followers on its Facebook page. This is a HUGE number of potential customers to market to, and it does it very well.

At least once every day, HelloFresh actively engages with its Facebook audience.

With simple post templates, it uses colorful and attractive photos, images and other graphics to display examples of its meals.

Hellofresh Facebook Post Example

In this example, the HelloFresh logo and a link to its homepage, or sales funnel landing page, tops the post. A link to the recipe can be found under the content.

In addition, to the right of the recipe title, there is a call-to-action button inviting you to Learn More.

Clicking this, takes you to the main recipe page for the dish.

Hellofresh Recipe Page Facebook Sales Funnel Link

Each recipe page is well laid out and very easy to follow with ingredients and its nutritional value.

The most important parts of the page for the sales funnel are the two green call-to-action buttons on the right.

Clicking either of these takes you to the second stage of the main sales funnel which will be described shortly.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Twitter

HelloFresh also uses Twitter to raise awareness, interest, and desire for its product and service. It uses links on each Tweet to drive traffic to its sales funnel.

As of 2024, HelloFresh has 43,100 followers on its Twitter page. It posts tweets daily with attractive and colorful images, or videos of its recipes.

Hellofresh Twitter Tweet Example

In the example above, a short video shows you how to make the meal. Its branding is clear with two logos. The tweet content is always simple and stimulating.

What’s more, HelloFresh invites you to engage further with a tasty suggestion, and provides a link above the video to check out the full recipe.

Clicking on this link takes you to another one of its full recipe pages with the same template as previously shown in the Facebook example.

Hellofresh Recipe Page Twitter Sales Funnel Link

Like in the Facebook example, this page also has two call-to-action buttons that take you to the second stage of its sales funnel (shown later in this article).

Both HelloFresh’s Twitter and Facebook pages are extremely easy, quick AND fun for any visitor to use to learn about food and simple cooking.

More importantly, these pages are perfectly designed to help you move forward further into its sales funnel, with opportunities to discover its boxes AND get delivery right to your door.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Instagram

The social media platform Instagram is another very important source of traffic for the HelloFresh sales funnel.

As of January 2023, HelloFresh has 607,000 followers on its Instagram page. That’s only a fifth of what it has on Facebook, but over ten times the number of followers than it has on Twitter.

This number adds to the enormous amount of potential AND active customers it has for its sales funnel.

Hellofresh Instagram Page Example

Instagram is perfectly suited to HelloFresh with its use of colorful images. It doesn’t need any other description or content alongside the post or tweet of each meal kit.

Instead, HelloFresh let its images do the talking (or marketing) for themselves.

Its Instagram page is full of attractive photos of its fresh ingredients and finished meals. There are also photos of customers’ pets playing in the empty HelloFresh boxes after the meal kits have been delivered.

A quick glance at its page just makes you hungry for more! Who could resist such nice and healthy looking nutritious meals?

An Attractive Offer Linked To The Sales Funnel

Notice how HelloFresh already displays an offer for its sales funnel near the top of the page. It offers you the opportunity to Try now and get $30 off your 1st box.

By clicking on the link below this offer, it takes you to another sales funnel entry point on its official website that opens in a new window.

Hellofresh Instagram Sales Offer Link Page

This new page displays five different and simple options to keep you moving forward towards its sales funnel. It’s a truly great example of how to use a funnel effectively, with a win-win situation for both the customer AND the seller.

In this case, notice there is no direct option to go back on the page, other than to close the window on your phone or computer. HelloFresh wants you to keep moving FORWARD!

Each call-to-action is clear, easy to understand, and with consistent coloration to the logo. By clicking on a button, it takes you either directly into its sales funnel, or to another information page with further links to its funnel.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: YouTube

HelloFresh also uses the social media platform YouTube to drive traffic to its sales funnel. It does this by posting of all of its recipe and food information videos on its channel.

As of January 2024, it has over 26,000 subscribers to its channel AND hundreds to videos to watch.

Some of its most popular YouTube videos are is Fresh Features series. These short videos show customers unpacking their healthy meal kits and quickly whipping up their delicious meals with ease in minutes.

For example, here’s Michelle trying HelloFresh’s Argentine Chimichurri Steak.

HelloFresh also drive a ton of traffic to its sales funnel by posting regular short and mouthwatering video recipes that are also easy for anyone to follow.

For instance, here’s how HelloFresh shows you how to cook Shrimp and Chorizo Paella Skillet in just over a minute.

Using YouTube as a social media marketing channel for its sales funnel, HelloFresh builds more awareness, interest, and desire for its products and service.

More importantly, it helps to move you closer to the action stage of signing up to buy its meal kits.

HelloFresh has videos for all of its meal kit recipes. It makes it very easy to digest its content with most of the videos being less than a minute long.

What’s more, it makes sure each recipe looks simple and quick to make in the clip. This is so important for its sales funnel to be effective.

Remember, it is selling convenience at the end of the day. So, each video HAS to make cooking look really easy, and it DOES!

Consistent Marketing Templates

Each video uses a similar template. Each recipe is also an example of exactly what you get in one of its meal kits. Being consistent is its marketing and the final product helps HelloFresh to further build trust.

Like its other forms of social media advertising, HelloFresh’s videos are vibrant and full of color.

It knows how to photograph and film food being prepared and cooked and display it in its best setting.

HelloFresh know that many people do not like to follow recipes. So, by providing videos for every meal, it is offering additional flexibility for those who do not want to use recipe card.

As a bonus, HelloFresh also know that if you really liked the dish, you can also share the video with your friends and family.

This is pure genius, as it is an example of even more FREE marketing AND potentially more FREE traffic for its sales funnel!

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Television Commercial

Although HelloFresh heavily rely of social media platforms to drive traffic to its sales funnel, it also uses traditional digital marketing in the form of television.

Its commercials are typically seen in the late afternoon and early evening when most consumers maybe at home eating.

Each television advert uses a similar template and tends to show real customers having fun cooking the meal kits in their homes.

By using real customers, who describe the real benefits of using its service, HelloFresh is effectively connecting to its viewers.

At the end of each commercial, HelloFresh shows a TV Offer and a promotional code for you to use to get a discount.

Hellofresh Television Advert Discount Code

Each of these adverts directs the television viewer to the HelloFresh homepage, which serves as the landing page and first stage of its sales funnel.

Using television to drive traffic to a sales funnel maybe considered old fashioned and very expensive in today’s world of free social media, but HelloFresh use it very effectively.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Google Search Paid Advert

As another form of digital marketing, HelloFresh use SEO (search engine optimization) to drive traffic to its sales funnel.

By appearing on the first page of search engines for meal kits and associated words, it maximizes the chances of getting potential customers to visit its site.

This form of traffic can be free (organic) or paid for. HelloFresh covers all its options and uses both types.

Below is an example of a paid search result, or advert, that appears in the second position when you type meal kits into Google.

Hellofresh Google Paid Search Result Advert

In this example, although HelloFresh is in second spot, its advert is easier to read than the top one. It also displays an attractive offer that stands out.

These paid ads on the first page of Google can be very expensive depending on the industry and competition. But that’s because they work!

Clicking on this paid search result takes you to the HelloFresh landing page, and the first stage of its sales funnel.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Google Search Organic SEO

Simliar to its paid SEO, HelloFresh also use free, or organic, SEO to drive traffic to its sales funnel.

This is one of the BEST forms of traffic, as its free of course!  But it does take time to build a presence on Google, especially if you are a new business.

The image below shows the same Google search result for meal kits, but is taken from slightly lower down the page and underneath the paid ads.

Hellofresh Google Organic Search Result Advert

In this example, HelloFresh once again appears near the top in fourth place AND above its competitors.

Like its paid advert, the organic search result is easy to read. It also stands out with the use of its #1 hashtag and the use of the word Delivery twice in the title.

In addition, it cleverly uses three green tick icons in the description that pop off the page and draw your attention to its key selling points.

What’s more, the search result also has four mini sitelinks, shown in blue, under the description to help you navigate the site directly from the search page.

These links are typically given to trusted sites and with a lot of search volume. This is another example as to why HelloFresh is able to get even more traffic to its sales funnel.

As with the paid search result from Google, clicking on this organic result takes you directly to the HelloFresh landing page and first stage of its sales funnel.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Website Recipes

HelloFresh also get another form of free, or organic, traffic for its sales funnel from great content on its website.

Many businesses underestimate the power of this form of digital marketing.

In contrast, the most effective ecommerce companies always try to produce regular and interesting blog posts or articles on their sites to engage their visitors and customers.

HelloFresh is really good at this too. It uses both a dedicated recipe page AND a blog page shown in the next section.

On searching for HelloFresh in Google, the company naturally comes up number one on in the organic search results.

In addition, its full site links are also shown below the description to make it easier to navigate the site prior to going to the homepage.

As you can see in the image below, one of these sitelinks is for Recipes.

Hellofresh Google Search Recipes Sitelink

Over 2,500 Pages Of Free Content

Clicking this link takes you to the HelloFresh Recipe Page which over 2,500 recipes. That’s a LOT of free examples of helpful content!!

Hellofresh Website Recipes Page Example

Each recipe snippet is easy to view with an attractive image and a brief title. Below this, HelloFresh give you the cooking time, a calorie counter, and a review rating to help you in your decision making.

Clicking on any recipe snippet takes you to HelloFresh’s standard recipe template, as previously shown in both the Facebook and Twitter traffic examples.

As a reminder, each full recipe page has two green call-to-action buttons that take you directly to the second stage of the HelloFresh sales funnel.

Towards the bottom of the recipe snippet page, there is another green call-to-action View Our Plans button.

Hellofresh Website Recipes Page Sales Funnel Link

In this example, as with each full recipe page, clicking on this button takes you to the second stage of the main HelloFresh sales funnel too.

By now, you should clearly see that everything HelloFresh produce in the form of marketing is designed to do two things:

  • help and ENGAGE its target audience
  • keep its visitors and customers clicking FORWARD to its sales funnel

Okay, we are nearly at the main sales funnel. Let’s just look at one more important example of how HelloFresh drives traffic to its funnel for FREE using more great content.

HelloFresh Sales Funnel Traffic Example: Website Blog Articles

The last form of digital marketing that HelloFresh use to drive traffic to its sales funnel is via its blog called Fresh Times.

Hellofresh Blog Lead Magnet Funnel Example

The link to the HelloFresh blog can be found in the menu at the bottom of its homepage.

Like all of HelloFresh’s branding, content, and advertising, its blog page template is consistent and has a green theme with colorful and attractive images. It is clean, simple, and easy to follow or find whatever interests you.

Right at the top of the page AND just under the first post snippet on the right, HelloFresh offer you TWO chances to sign up for its newsletter (highlighted in red).

What’s more, HelloFresh make this creative by offering to give you fun ideas, more cooking inspiration, tips and tricks, all in exchange for your email address.

This is a great example of how HelloFresh use a simple lead magnet to get even more potential traffic for its sales funnel.

The Power Of A Blog For A Sales Funnel

Well written and informational blogs are a powerful way to build followers AND get more business. However, they take a lot to time to create.

But with good SEO they will appear higher in Google search results. This will then benefit you with more free traffic to your sales funnel in the longer term.

Like its other forms of advertising, HelloFresh is also very active on its blog and writes about three posts each week.

Each post is simple to read and informative. Many of them have links, or examples of more posts from its social media platforms too.

This is clever as it continues to engage the visitor further within the HelloFresh community. It also increases the chance of a visitor clicking directly through to its sales funnel.

In order to get site visitors to enter its sales funnel from the Fresh Times main page (or each individual blog post), HelloFresh uses a call-to-action in the sidebar.

Hellofresh Blog Sales Funnel Link

Clicking on View Our Plans takes you straight to the second stage of the sales funnel.

So, now you have seen a LOT of examples of how HelloFresh drive traffic to its sales funnel.

Let’s take a good look at each stage of the HelloFresh sales funnel to see how it acquires new leads AND converts potential customers into paying customers.

Example of the HelloFresh Sales Funnel Email Marketing Follow-Up Offer

Every sales funnel has leaks. A leak is simply when a visitor, potential customer, or even returning customer leaves your sales funnel early and before taking the action you needed of them.

Good sales funnel management software can easily detect when, and how often leaks, happen.

This information is critical as it helps you to find out what the problem may be. You can then take the necessary steps and optimize the funnel.

HelloFresh is no different and, despite the 2.61 million customers it has acquired, it has steps in place to handle any leaks it may have.

One of those steps is its sales funnel follow-up offer. This offer is emailed to you if you leave the funnel before taking the final action of buying its products and service.

Here is an example of a sales funnel follow-up email template that it uses to remind you in case you have forgotten to complete your order.

Hellofresh Sales Funnel Example Follow Up Email Offer

Keeping Email Marketing Offers and Content Consistent

The follow-up email content is similar to that from the sales funnel and its other social media or digital marketing.

It is clear and simple with consistent coloration and branding. It also has two clearly visible call-to-action buttons that take you back to the second stage of its sales funnel so you can continue to select your plan.

What’s more, its attractive $90 Off offer is comparable to its special today only offer from its landing page AND is still available.

Below its main image, HelloFresh continues to raise your awareness, interest, and desire with three additional selling points to show you how you can benefit from its products and service.

Using larger icons than in the sales funnel, it draws attention to its value of Deliciousness, being Dietary diverse, and also Stress-free.

In addition, among each brief description, HelloFresh goes on to highlight additional value in chef-created recipes, picky appetites welcome, and how its product and service will help you take back your evenings!

Finally, HelloFresh gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe from these offers if you no longer want to receive additional information from them.

This sales funnel follow-up email example shows you just how much attention HelloFresh has put in to addressing the needs and obstacles of its customers.

It is also a great illustration of how effective simple, personalized email marketing can be to drive traffic back to a sales funnel.

Note: For more information on the tools we recommend you use to help you with your own email marketing, be sure to check out our guide:

What Makes This A Great Example Of A Sales Funnel?

The HelloFresh sales funnel works well because it easy to use and gets a huge amount of traffic.

It’s a great example of how an ecommerce sales funnel should perform because:

  • It receives a MASSIVE amount of traffic using social media and digital marketing
  • It has a ton of FREE website content to engage its visitors
  • All of its social media and digital marketing is organized, consistent AND professional
  • It has a colorful landing page with a simple and effective headline
  • The landing page displays an attractive, time sensitive offer
  • Each stage raises awareness, interest and desire
  • Its template uses the least information to get the job done
  • Each page is similar, with pleasing colors, branding, and no need for instructions
  • Every stage has big green call-to-actions that works in a subliminal way
  • Product images, testimonials, and customer benefits are included
  • It is sensitive to the customer needs and risk
  • There are multiple payment options
  • Each stage is a small and manageable step with few distractions
  • Difficult choices are left until after payment to minimize leaks
  • It gets a conversion (new lead) very early
  • The funnel gets two conversions BEFORE the final action of payment!

Overall, the HelloFresh sales funnel creates a tremendous sense of personalized choice and value which is very hard to do!

What’s more, it keeps you engaged and moving forward in simple steps. This makes it very easy to get a new lead, secure a conversion, AND make more money too.

That’s great funnelkarma for you!

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And if, by chance, you wondering…

… yes, they’re all absolutely legal!

We’re confident you’ll love the results.

Happy funneling my friend.

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